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Track Sessions

2018 CWAE Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • Design of agri-environmental programs: Insights from behavioral & experimental economics (Joint with ENV)
  • Sustainable production practices, consumer feedback, and policy implications (Joint with SCE)
  • Navigating Negotiations for Professional Success & Personal Fulfillment (Joint with COBAE)
  • Agricultural Economists Engaging our Communities (Joint with CRENET)

2017 CWAE Section Track Sessions

  • Strategies for Writing Productivity and Publishing Success (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Agricultural Trade Policies beyond the WTO Pillars: A Focus on Key Sectors and Countries (Joint with COSBAE)

2013 Track Sessions, Washington, DC

  • Successes and Challenges of Transferring Teaching Data/Experiences Into Scholarly Outputs (Joint with TLC)
  • Local Food and Its Connections to Local Communities (Joint with CRENET)

2012 Track Sessions, Seattle, WA

  • Women in Academic Training and Professional Careers: Identifying and Analyzing Factors Impacting Success
  • To Nest in the Wind - Implementation and Impacts of Career Development for Women in Personal Growth and Balancing Life
  • Value Added Meat Marketing around the Globe: International Insights on Safety, Health, and Convenience (Joint with FAMPS)

2011 Track Sessions, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marketing Sustainability: Demand Side, Supply Side and Welfare Aspects (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Standing On the Shoulders of a Giant: The Broad Reach of Professor Jean Kinsey (Joint with FAMPS, FSN, Senior Section)
  • Multidisciplinarity in Agricultural Economics: Practitioner Attitudes, Publishing, and the Job Market
  • Annie’s Project – Successful Agricultural Economics Programming (Joint with Extension)

2010 Track Sessions, Denver, CO

  • Women in Agricultural Economics: A Centennial Celebration
  • Teaching on a Tight Budget: What do we do with more students and less resources? (Joint Session with TLC Section)
  • Emerging and Current Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology (Joint Session with COSBAE)
  • Performance Implications of Sustainability Initiatives in Agri-Food Companies (Joint Session with AEM Section)
  • Continuing the Tradition: Employing Tested and Emerging Economic Tools in Framing Sustainability Challenges for a Global Economy (Joint Session with AEM Section)

2009 Track Session - Milwaukee, WI

  • Investing in the Workforce Diversity in Agricultural Research: Can We Measure the Return?

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