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AAEA Sections

AAEA Sections are subgroups of AAEA formed by members with common interests or focuses. Sections promote networking through activities such as, e-mail discussion listervs, pre- and post-conference workshops and track sessions at the Annual Meeting. AAEA members can join a section when renewing their membership or at any point in the year through the My Account section.

2018-2019 Section Executive Committees

Agribusiness Economics &

Agricultural Finance &

Africa Section


Applied Risk Analysis Section


Australasia Section


Brewing & Enology
Economic Research

China Section


Committee on the
Opportunities & Status of
Blacks in Agricultural Economics

Community & Regional
Economics Network


Committee on Women in
Agricultural Economics

Econometrics Section


Experimental Economics

Extension Section


Food & Agricultural
Marketing Policy Section

Food Safety and
Nutrition Section

Graduate Student Section


Institutional & Behavioral
Economics Section

International Section


Land, Water, & Environmental
Economics Section


Latin American Section


National Association of
Agricultural Economics

Specialty Crop Economics


Senior Section


Undergraduate Student
Teaching, Learning, &
Communications Section