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The Australasia Section of the AAEA is intended to facilitate collaboration and research among members of the AAEA on Australasian agricultural and resource economics issues, to mentor junior members of the profession with interests in these issues, and to facilitate joint activities of AARES and the AAEA, as undertaken hitherto largely through the AARES-NAB.  The Australasia Section will also provide a forum for members to disseminate their research, discuss common agricultural and resource policy issues, and learn about professional development and networking opportunities. 


The intended membership is AAEA members broadly interested in agricultural and resource economics topics related to Australasia.

Fee structure

Section fees are to be waived for AARES-North American Branch members who join the Section on the basis that the AARES-NAB would make an equivalent contribution on behalf of those members to the Section and its activities. Please contact the AAEA Business office or complete this form (PDF) to join the Section as an AARES-NAB member.

Membership rates:

  • Professional: $20
  • Student: $10
  • AARES-NAB member: FREE