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AAEA Professional Workshops

What components make up a Professional Workshop?

  • Variable time lengths
  • Share of program need not be contributed papers.
  • Links to AAEA Sections, Committees or Initiatives
  • Membership not required for all program participants (Presenters, panelists, discussants, moderators, etc).
  • May be financially supported by AAEA
  • Not a Pre-/Post-Conference workshop linked to the AAEA Annual Meeting

Does your event not fit this category? Try a Symposium or an Endorsed Event.


AAEA Professional Workshops focus on a specific theme within the field of agricultural and applied economics and have varying lengths with expected attendance ranging from 50 to 150 participants. These are not pre- or post-conference workshops held in conjunction with the AAEA Annual Meeting, but rather stand-alone events. If needed, AAEA will provide logistical support for approved workshops. The organizing committee will ensure high quality content and will secure outside funding if the latter is needed in order to bring in plenary speakers, etc. The precise format of each AAEA Workshop will be determined by the organizers.

Application Process

Meeting organizers must submit a proposed program, including topics, keynote speakers and/or panels, and a detailed budget for the meeting along with the Professional Workshop application form to the AAEA by the established deadline. Applications for Professional Workshops must provide the credentials of the organizers, motivate how the theme and program format address a high impact or emerging issue for AAEA members and stakeholders, and agree to abide to the equivalent of AAEA’s journal disclosure policies for program content (review policies at:

Application Deadlines

All Professional Workshop applications are reviewed by the AAEA Board on a bi-annual basis. The application deadlines are December 1 and June 1 of each year.

Financial Support

The goal of this program is to support new and novel meetings rather than repeated occurrences of previous meetings.  Priority will be given to those proposals that include a portfolio of funding sources (registration fees, grants, other organizational sponsors), especially if other organizations choose or recruit a significant share of the program content. AAEA will consider providing additional financial support on a case by case basis.


Revenue, risk and cost sharing will be considered as criteria in evaluating proposals, but such terms will be customized to suit each event.  The financial obligations of each organization will be formally outlined in the event agreement executed upon approval of the workshop.


The meeting organizer(s) agree to:

  1. Credit the AAEA for its support of the meeting in all meeting publications and announcements, including logo in all promotional brochures, website, and in newsletters when applicable.
  2. Provide AAEA with copies of all meeting literature including program, abstracts, proceedings and promotional materials as well as a list of meeting attendees to establish that a significant portion of participants are AAEA members.
  3. Provide complimentary space for the AAEA to display literature during the meeting.
  4. Submit a final report including attendance numbers and reconciled budget within 60 days of completion of the symposium.
  5. The AAEA will have the right to review proposed scientific content and make suggestions if necessary through the application and approval process.
  6. Consider developing a special issue of AEPP if appropriate. Organizers will be encouraged to discuss this option with the AEPP editors

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