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Applied Economics Teaching Resources

Applied Economics Teaching Resources (AETR) is an online, open access, and peer-reviewed professional publication series. The aim is to provide an outlet for research, teaching and Extension education scholarship encompassing but not limited to research articles, case studies, classroom games, commentaries, experiential learning, and pedagogy.  The goal is advancing and supporting teaching and Extension education within applied and agricultural economics, and agribusiness.The new publication series fills a teaching gap in current AAEA publications and wider profession.

The publication will be online and open access through Agecon Search. All submissions to the publication will be peer-reviewed and held to the high standards exhibited in the agricultural economics profession. The scope of the journal extends to teaching and education contributions and materials for undergraduate and graduate education, as well as extension and adult education. AETR will seek contributions of:

  1. Case Studies in all areas of applied and agricultural economics, and agribusiness
  2. Teaching and Extension education scholarship and research
  3. Classroom and field educational innovation (e.g. classroom games, online teaching tools, Extension applications, and experiential learning activities, and other interactive learning innovations)
  4. Teaching and education commentaries (e.g. notes on pedagogy, evaluations of teaching effectiveness, and educational methodology).

The inaugural editor is Dr. Jason Bergtold from Kansas State University. The journal has an editorial board consisting of at six AAEA members. The publication is distributed through AgEconSearch. Authors will be able to track impacts through both anonymous, open-access downloads on AgEconSearch and controlled access to instructor downloads of teaching notes.

Call for Papers: Online/Remote Learning and Teaching Special Issue

Submitting to AETR

For submission guidelines and information on the publication
process and policies please follow the link below:

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Electronic Access to AETR

AETR Editor

Jason Bergtold (2018-2022)
Kansas State University

AETR Editorial Board

Mariah Ehmke
University of Wyoming

James Sterns
Oregon State University

Sierra Howry
University of Wisconsin – River Falls

Michael Wetzstein
Purdue University

Kenrett Jefferson - Monroe
North Carolina A & T University

Rodney Jones
Oklahoma State University