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AAEA News | Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Civil Eats

“Most farmers replied that their coping mechanism was crop insurance,” said Silvia Secchi, an author of the study and a professor researching environmental impact on agriculture at the University of Iowa. “So there’s really not a broader discussion about it. Just look at the last couple of years. There’s no pressure towards making changes to how we manage the landscape. We’re going to spend more and more money to prop up specific crops. Whether it’s crop insurance or disaster payments, we’re spending money on making it worse in the long-term instead of better.”

Silvia Secchi, University of Iowa

President's Message

Dawn Thilmany
AAEA President

August 2020

As I step into the role of President of AAEA, it is exciting to consider all the important conversations and issues I get to be a part of as our association, members, fields of study, employers and broader community react and respond to the changes we all faced this past few months.  Although I welcome the chance to be involved with as many of these discussions as I can, I was excited that so many of you said  “YES” when I asked if you would take on new committee, leadership and connecting roles in the coming year to serve our association’s mission. Thanks to so many of you for your new (and continued) service….

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