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AAEA News | Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Newton County Times

“We hope to be a valuable resource for scientists, agricultural stakeholders and the public in areas where spatial technologies are important tools for decision-making in the agriculture and food industries,” Shew said. “Over the next few years, my efforts will focus on building collaborative opportunities for research, education and outreach via the creation of an Agricultural Technology and Environmental Informatics hub within CAST.”

Aaron Shew, Arkansas State University

President's Message

Dawn Thilmany
AAEA President

February 2021

It has been a busy couple of months for the AAEA, with a successful slate of sessions T.W. Schulz lecture “Reconsidering the Economics of Identity: Position, Power, and Property” at the ASSA meetings in January, and hundreds of great selected paper and organized symposia submissions flowing in as we plan for the 2021 Annual meetings.  As you might imagine, we are thinking hard about our plan for 2021, including a few hybrid alternatives that would allow us planning flexibility.  Beyond the Annual meetings, it has been increasingly clear that our membership will be best served with a more diverse set of activities year-round, even though the Annual gathering may continue to be a keystone event.  So, let me share a bit of what we are considering, and stay tuned for more information on 2021 events.

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