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AAEA News | Thursday, November 30, 2023
AAEA Member Profile

Jackson County Pilot

Robert Craven, University of Minnesota

“I’m surprised, honored and humbled to receive this award. Educators that have won this in the past have all been folks I’ve looked up to during my career. Since we’re coming out of a high-profitability period for agriculture, the next few years are going to be a little more difficult in terms of profitability, especially within livestock. I think the industry has good liquidity and it should be able to get through it OK.”

President's Message

Rudy Nayga
AAEA President

November 2023

We will have a good slate of sessions at the ASSA meetings in San Antonio on January 5-7, 2024. Upon the recommendation of the TW Schultz Committee, we invited Jeff Wooldridge of Michigan State University as the TW Schultz Memorial Lecture and Awardee. Jeff Wooldridge is a University Distinguished Professor of Economics at Michigan State University and a Fellow of the Econometrics Society. His TW Schultz lecture will be held on Friday, January 5, 2024 (typically starts at 6 pm) in San Antonio. The title of his lecture is “Regression-Based Strategies for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Staggered Interventions.”  This would be of great interest to those interested in causal inference work. Jeff has more recently been working on extensions to two-way fixed effects. Lately, he has also been able to develop a framework that allows various estimators with extra cross-sectional controls or time period controls.

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