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AAEA News | Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Farm Progress

In an article, "Beef Cattle Markets and COVID‐19," in Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy, Charles C. Martinez, Joshua G. Maples and Justin Benavidez explore the impact of the pandemic across all sectors of the cattle industry. 

Charles Martinez, University of Tennessee
Justin Benavidez, Texas A&M University
Joshua Maples, Mississippi State University

President's Message

Dawn Thilmany
AAEA President

October 2020

It is so amazing to me that we are well into the Fall and the AAEA community continues to be active. There have been dozens of organized symposia, track sessions, undergraduate and graduate competitions and webinars extending the timeframe of our Annual Meeting, showcasing the scope and engagement of our membership. I have been excited to get to participate in over 25 since August, and continue to learn how broad the talents of our members, sections and partners across the ag, food, natural resource and community spectrum are being engaged to help our teaching, research, outreach and service missions.

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