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AAEA News | Tuesday, May 30, 2023
AAEA Member Profile

Ag Fax

Margret Lippsmeyer,
Purdue University

“Strategic risks are the uncertainties companies are exposed to because of political, government policy, macro-economic, social and natural contingencies; industry dynamics involving input markets and product markets; and competitive and technological uncertainties. These risks are present in all industries, but given its competitive nature is particularly relevant for production agriculture.  Farm operators are forced to constantly consider how these risks will impact their operations due to incomplete risk markets."


President's Message

Norbert Wilson
AAEA President

April 2023

Since becoming President-Elect, I have had the opportunity to visit departments affiliated with AAEA. Thank you to all of the wonderful hosts who have received me. During the visits, I gave a talk, reconnected with old friends, and met new folks, including an amazing array of faculty, students, and staff. In the seminars, you asked insightful questions and engaged me in rich and supportive discussions. While you asked some tough questions, I learned from you, and you have strengthened my work. Thank you for helping me grow.

My visits were always great because of the wonderful and thoughtful staff who provided administrative support: arranging travel, processing receipts, setting up presentations, and so much more. Please thank your staff; they are amazing professionals.

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