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Successful Farming

Automated technologies, those that make life better for farmers, have been more readily adopted than those that are more data-intense like yield monitors, grid soil sampling, and variable rate, says Terry Griffin, associate professor, Kansas State University. “The lack of third-party support for data-intense technologies may cause farmers to pause and consider if they have access to adequate hu- man capital to warrant investment in their own time and financial resources,” he says.

Terry Griffin, Kansas State Univrsity

President's Message

Keith Coble
AAEA President

October 2019

I write this newsletter from Boston where we just wrapped up two days of meetings with Wiley Publishing. We have entered into an agreement with Wiley to publish the AJAE and AEPP. Our discussions were quite positive, and I believe you will begin seeing some new and innovative changes in 2020.  Also consider submitting your work to our two other publications – Choices and Applied Economics Teaching Resources. Having spent two days with some of our editors, let me publically thank them for the hard work and editorial judgements they must make. I am excited about the future of all our journals. 

On a related note, I encourage you to consider submitting invited paper proposals for the 2020 AAEA Annual Meeting.  These articles may be published in the AEPP. Note this is a change from previous years when the invited papers were submitted to the AJAE. So consider the difference in style. Proposals need to be submitted using the online submission system by Tuesday, December 3, 2019. The system will open in early November. Similarly we are looking for great Pre- & Post-conference Workshop proposals which are due the same day.

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