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AAEA News | Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Trump administration plans to give American farmers and ranchers hurt by the current trade war US$12 billion in emergency relief to mitigate the impact of tariffs on their exports. While this may lessen the blow of an already struggling agricultural economy in the short run, it is only a Band-Aid.

Amanda M. Countryman, Colorado State University

President's Message

Scott Swinton
AAEA President

July  2018
AAEA presidents have a three-year term, which maintains leadership continuity. Their roles evolve from planning in the President Elect year, to implementation in the President year, to follow-up and mentoring in the Past President year. The Presidential year culminates with our August meeting. So what has happened this year? This column offers retrospect and prospect, focusing on the new Applied Economics Teaching Resources publication, government relations, mentoring, AAEA journal publisher, and budding initiatives.   

  • Applied Economics Teaching Resources moves forward with Bergtold as Editor
  • Ensuring that AAEA is heard in Washington, D.C.
  • Mentoring
  • AAEA journal publisher planning
  • Future initiatives

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