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AAEA News | Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Colorado Sun

Dale Manning, Colorado State University

“This is an example of how this natural population, sort of natural ecology, supports the economy that we depend on for jobs, food and income. The largest impacts were to corn and soy production before land rental rates dropped. As your costs go up and your yield yields go down, there are higher costs and lower revenues. That willingness to pay for land is falling. So as a result, when the demand for something falls, its price falls and so that’s what we found in areas that lose these healthy bat populations.”

President's Message

Rudy Nayga
AAEA President

March 2024

The AAEA Teaching Academy is set to debut at the 2024 AAEA Meetings Pre-conference on Saturday, July 27th, from 8 am to 5 pm. This initiative aims to elevate teaching standards within our profession by providing comprehensive teacher training and mentorship opportunities for students and early career professionals. The academy's mission is to foster consistent and dedicated efforts across our discipline to enhance teaching skills. This is open to all AAEA members including graduate students, faculty, and early career professionals. To join, please visit Steering the Teaching Academy are Na Zuo, Jason Bergtold, Hannah Shear, Jennifer Clark, Ross Pruitt, Rui Chen, Jerrod Penn, and Kathleen Liang.

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