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AAEA News | Thursday, March 23, 2023
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"The war between Russia and Ukraine is the biggest cause of rising costs. The Ukraine conflict has had a profound impact on the cost of goods with skyrocketing grain and fertilizer prices impacting the production costs in almost all areas of food production - meats, produce, dairy and eggs. Having numerous suppliers for goods, particularly raw materials, is so important. This way, when one supplier shuts down for the ingredient you need or the logistics make it slower to get the ingredient into the processor, you have alternatives. It's about finding ways to develop stability in a supply chain that is constantly in flux. The current economic climate has forced food processors to look at their entire supply chain to determine potential losses and reduce costs."

Simon Somogyi, University of Guelph

President's Message

Norbert Wilson
AAEA President

February 2023

To date, the most enjoyable parts of being President of AAEA were calls to the new class of AAEA Fellows. Some received the call, worried I would ask them to do something else for AAEA. Some were so busy that it was hard to reach them, so I had to track them down, literally around the world, or schedule appointments to tell them the good news. However, once I reached them and explained the purpose of the call, the expression of joy was palpable. Smiles shined through the phone. Some voiced whoops of joy. Honestly, I smiled for days from those calls. Again, David, Dawn, Elena, Holly, Keith, and Marc, congratulations on our highest honor. You have demonstrated excellence in your professional endeavors. On behalf of AAEA, I thank you for all you have done and will continue to do professionally. Further, thank you for what you have contributed to AAEA. You are examples to us all.

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