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AAEA News | Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Beyond tasting cheese, the economic impacts of implementing sustainable land management practices on crop productivity, milk quality and the producers will be analyzed by Kishor Luitel, assistant professor of agricultural economics. “Milk quality depends on animal feed and feed quality depends upon soil health,” Luitel said.

Kishor Luitel, Middle Tennessee State University

President's Message

Madhu Khanna
AAEA President

October 2021

Following the meetings in Austin, it is great to see our Board, Committees and Sections engaged in organizing events for AAEA.  We have an exciting program planned for the ASSA meetings, January 7-9, 2022 which are being held virtually. We have six sessions that cover a wide range of topics including the effects of land property rights on land use, the effects of COVID-19 on agricultural markets and trade, the relationship between food prices and affordability of healthy diets and the effects of climate change on agricultural production. Information about all of the sessions that AAEA is hosting at ASSA can be found here:

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