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AAEA News | Monday, December 05, 2022
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"For food items generally, key inputs like fuel and fertilizer prices have skyrocketed. A big chunk was Ukraine and Europe not having fertilizer production for a good while. That was a big problem. For food items generally, key inputs like fuel and fertilizer prices have skyrocketed, some fruit farmers in Alabama, for example, now spending $1,000 an acre on fertilizer compared to around $600 in 2018."

Wendiam Sawadgo, Auburn University

President's Message

Norbert Wilson
AAEA President

December 2022

I am thankful. In the midst of all of the busyness and challenges of the world around us, I can honestly say that I am grateful. I hope the same for you. While across AAEA, we have different life experiences and social locations. We share a certain level of privilege and voice as members of an academic association. From our student members to full professors to government or business leaders, we have access to resources, skills, and platforms to enact good in our communities and world. Our training is a great resource to employ for the common welfare. In my address this summer, I asked for the membership to find their way toward justice. Climate change, equity (regardless of the dimension), communities in economic difficulty, optimal policy setting, or other areas of your work, I hope that you will work for the good.

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