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AAEA News | Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Southern Ag Today

Kevin Kim, Mississippi State University

"The year 2023 marks another unique year in terms of prolonged high inflation and high interest rates. The series of interest rate hikes raised concerns, especially when Silicon Valley Bank went defunct earlier this year. With these inflation rates and interest rate hikes affecting the broad economy, how does the agricultural lending condition look?"

President's Message

Rudy Nayga
AAEA President

September 2023

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the AAEA Board has created new task forces.  Thank you to the following who graciously agreed to serve:

  • Access Task Force: Sathya Gopalakrishnan (chair), Sarah Low, Chrystol Thomas Winston, April Athnos, Elizabeth Fraysse, Gail Cramer, and Vincenzina Caputo
  • Publications Task Force: Amy Ando (chair), Jesse Tack, Gopi Munisamy, Tim Beatty, Zhengfei Guan, Jason Bergtold, Laura Schechter, and Glynn Tonsor
  • Health/Well Being Task Force: Carola Grebitus and Alicia Rosburg (co-chairs), Kelly Davidson, Elena Krasovskaia, Bailey Samper, Anne Byrne, Jane Kolodinsky, John Lai, Nilufer Cetik, and Helen Jensen.
  • ERS-AAEA “Building the Pipeline” Cooperative Agreement: Andrew Muhammad (chair), Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Joey Mehlhorn, Marco Palma, Ibrahim Mohamed, Kristin Kiesel, Cesar Escalante, and Kevin Smith.

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