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AAEA News | Monday, January 24, 2022
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"I've done some research about this ... trying to find out how markets will perform if there is what I call an intervention by the government," said Azzeddine Azzam, professor of agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Azzam found that "investments that go to meat processors really are not going to make that much difference," given the high concentration in the industry.

Azzeddine Azzam, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

President's Message

Madhu Khanna
AAEA President

November 2021

Thanksgiving reminded me of the many aspects of the AAEA for which I am so thankful, including the strong commitment of our members to serve the association in so many different ways, the dedication of the EDI staff who keep the organization running on schedule, and the generosity of our donors whose contributions enable us to expand our appreciation clubs, offer new mentoring and other programs and reach out and engage with a broader and a more diverse group of people across the world.  As this year draws to a close, I am excited about the recent launch of our new open access journal, the Journal of the AAEA with its homepage at  Recognizing the diversity of research areas covered by our membership, the JAAEA will be publishing research on the breadth of topics in agricultural and applied economics and providing expedited reviews.

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