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Visit the Mentorship Resource page which includes links to: Papers, PowerPoint Presentations, Webinars, Podcasts, and Articles—divided into different topic areas. You must be a current AAEA Member to access these pages. If you would like to renew your membership or are not a member but would like to join AAEA you can do so on the Membership page.

AAEA Mentoring Opportunities
Outside Mentoring Opportunities
CWAE-COSBAE Building the Pipeline Program
(Contact victoria
CeMENT Workshop for Faculty in Doctoral Programs
AERA India/AAEA Mentorship Program CeMENT Workshop for Faculty in Non-Doctoral Programs
Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship AEA Summer Program
Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship CSQIEP LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program
Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship for Women Sadie Collective Research Reception Mentor Program
AARES/AAEA Early Career Professional Exchange Program Sadie Collective Mentorship Roundtable
Travel Grants for Early Career Professionals and Graduate Students Research in Color Mentorship Program
  STAARS Individual Fellowship
  STAARS+ Teams Fellowship
  AERE Scholars Program
  Association for Mentoring and Inclusion in Economics Mentorship Program
  Women in Economics Initiative (WiE) Mentorship Program
  AWARD-ICWAE Mentoring Program
  Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics
  NAREA Career Advancement and Mentorship Program
  CEA/CDEC/CWEC Mentoring for Economics Job Market Candidates
  Bolin Fellowship (Williams College)
  International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Stages of Mentoring

AAEA mentorship programs should provide opportunities for all members, at all stages of their careers, to access resources and engage in activities that will help them develop professionally:

  • Graduate Students Members are the future of agricultural and applied economics. These members need help developing their research methodology; learning how to publish their research and build professional networks; and navigating the job market for academic, agency, industry, and NGO positions.
  • Early Career Professional Members are particularly in need of guidance as they enter the workforce and attempt to navigate their work environments, performance expectations for their positions in academic and non-academic settings, and work/life balance.
  • Mid-Career and More Senior Members also have professional development needs that may be related to any functions of their positions, including administrative duties.
  • International/LILMI Members are not always able to attend the annual meeting, for example to participate in the cohort development activities that take place there. However, information resources for these members are available on the AAEA website, and funding opportunities to attend the meeting are available from the AAEA Trust.