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Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

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Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy aims to present high-quality research in a forum that is informative to a broad audience of agricultural and applied economists, including those both inside and outside academia, and those who are not specialists in the subject matter of the articles.

AEPP also provides a free interview podcast with each published issue, keeping you in touch with the latest research on your computer or on the go. All of the podcast episodes can be listened to within your web browser and/or available for download.

AEPP Award Winning Papers


Helen Levy, University of Michigan
The Economics of Groundwater Governance Institutions across the Globe
Eric Edwards, and Todd Guilfoos
Are Farmers Made Whole by Trade Aid
Joseph Janzen, Nathan Hendricks

Criminal Incarceration, Statutory Bans on Food Assistance, and
Food Security in Extremely Vulnerable Households:
Findings from a Partnership with the North Texas Food Bank

Daniel Millimet, Ian McDonough
Examining Household Food Waste Decisions:
A Vignette Approach

Brenna Ellison, Jason Lusk
Agricultural Index Insurance for Development
Nathaniel Jensen, Christopher Barrett
Effects of U.S. Public Agricultural R&D on
U.S. Obesity and its Social Costs

Julian M. Alston, Joanna P. MacEwan, and Abigail M. Okrent
Crop Prices, Agricultural Revenues, and the
Rural Economy

Jeremy G. Weber, Conor Wall, Jason Brown, and Tom Hertz
Food Price Shocks and the Political Economy of
Global Agricultural and Development Policy

Andrea Guariso, Mara Squicciarini, and Johan Swinnen
Incentives for Innovation: Patents, Prizes,
and Research Contracts

Matthew S. Clancy, and GianCarlo Moschini
Long-term Care Financing in the United States:
Sources and Institutions

Richard G. Frank
The Economics of Food Insecurity in the United States
Craig Gundersen, Brent Kreider, and John Pepper

Submitting to AEPP

You can learn more about submitting to AEPP by reading the Author Guidelines. AEPP's publisher, Wiley, also has an Author Promotional Toolkit available to all submitting authors. If you have any questions about the type of manuscripts suitable for publication in AEPP, please contact Managing Editor Gopinath Munisamy .

Electronic Access to AEPP

AAEA members receive free electronic access to AEPP through the My Account section. Non-members can learn more about the journal including how to subscribe to it through the Wiley website. Electronic access through Wiley includes archives of the journal through 1988.

AEPP Editors

Managing Editor
Gopinath Munisamy (2022-2025)
University of Georgia

Submitted Article Editors

Alessandro Bonanno (2023-2026)
Colorado State University

Jerome Dumortier (2024-2027)
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis