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AAEA Committees

AAEA has a number of standing committees. Descriptions of each committee and their current members can be found below. The committees fall into two different types-committees with a narrowly defined charge and those with a broadly defined charge.

Committees with a narrow charge have a specific set of activities that they are responsible for each year while those with a broadly defined charge undertake activities that vary from year to year. The AAEA Board has made it a priority to ensure that the limited time and resources that are being provided by volunteers are used effectively. Each year, the AAEA Board will evaluate the needs of the organization and provide specific charges to the committees that have a broadly defined charge. This approach aims to ensure that the committee is serving its purpose and to ensure volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the work of the Association.

*Committees with narrowly defined charges: Awards Committee, Case Study Invited Paper Committee, Fellows Selection Committee, Finance Committee, Galbraith Forum and Award Committee, Nominating Committee, and Selected Presentations Committee.

Committees with broadly defined charges:  AAEA Trust Committee, Communications Committee, Employment Services Committee, Government Relations Committee, Membership Committee, Mentorship Program Committee, and Publications Committee.

(To view the committee charge, chair, and committee members, select the committee of choice in the below options)

*Awards Committee

Coordinate the selection of award winners according to the purpose of each award. Annually evaluate the AAEA awards program to be certain it is aligned with the current activities of AAEA members, recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession, and recognizes contributions that benefit the users of the information produced by the profession. Make recommendations to the Executive Board on changes to the awards given or instances where special recognition(s) is (are) appropriate.

Rudy   Nayga Board Liason/President 2023 2024
Xiaoyong   Zheng Chair 2023 2024
Conner   Mullaly Past-Chair 2023 2024
Suzanne   Thornsbury Chair-Elect 2023 2024

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

Gregory McKee 2020 2022 Chair
William Masters 2021 2023  
Catherine Kling 2021 2023  
Wendong  Zhang 2023 2025  
Michelle VerPloeg 2023 2025  
Patrick  Westhoff 2023 2025  

Distinguished Extension/Outreach

Courtney Bir 2022 2024 Chair
Wendong Zhang 2023 2025  
Paul  McNamara 2002 2024  
James Mitchell 2002 2024  
Cesar Escalante 2023 2025  
Alejandro Gutierrez-Li 2023 2025  

Distinguished Teaching

Cheryl Wachenheim 2021 2023 Chair
Cristine  Connolly  2022 2024  
Liang Lu 2022 2024  
Yu Zhang 2023 2025  
Ricky Volpe 2023 2025  
Julianne Treme 2023 2025  

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

Qiuqiong (QQ) Huang 2021 2023 Chair
Stephen Boucher 2022 2024  
Timothy Richards 2022 2024  
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert 2022 2024  
Ximing Wu 2023 2025  
Ruiqing Miao 2023 2025  

Outstanding Master's Thesis

Vardges Hovhannisyan  2022 2024 Chair
Brandon  McFadden 2022 2024  
Tim Park 2023 2025  
Xi He 2023 2025  
Joel  Cuffey  2022 2024  
Jeff  Luckstead  2022 2024  
Gregory Colson 2022 2024  

Publication of Enduring Quality

Michael Carter 2022 2024 Chair
Brian Roe 2022 2024  
Keith Fuglie 2022 2024  
Tom Reardon 2022 2024  
Thomas Hertel  2023 2025  
Ted Jaenicke 2023 2025  

Quality of Communication

Jada Thompson 2021 2023 Chair
Alexis  Villacis  2022 2024  
Duncan  Boughton 2022 2024  
Allen  Klaiber  2023 2025  
Lydia  Fulginiti  2023 2025  
Roderick  Rejesus 2023 2025  

Quality of Research Discovery

Saleem Shaik  2021 2023 Chair
Jutta Roosen 2022 2024  
Nelson   Villoria 2021 2023  
Michael Adjemian 2022 2024  
Jeff Michler 2023 2025  
Nicholas Magnan 2023 2025  

Mentoring Award Committee

Stephen Devadoss 2023 2025 Chair
Cesar Escalante 2021 2023  
Kate Schneider 2023 2025  
Wendiam Sawadgo 2023 2025  
Dayton Lambert 2023 2025  
Kelly Maguire 2023 2025  

*Case Study Invited Paper Committee

Collect and organize the review of case studies to be formed into an Invited Paper session at the Annual Meeting.

Ashok   Mishra Board Liaison 2023 2026
Jamille Palacios   Rivera   2021 2024
Yuliya   Bolotova   2021 2024
Luis   Pena Levano CHAIR 2022 2025

*Fellows Selection Committee

Identify individuals worthy of designation as Fellow of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association. The committee shall accept nominations as well as identify other members of the Association worthy of consideration. The committee should consider the diversity that exists within the profession—areas of interest, scope of work, constituencies, and audiences as well as contributions to the profession and the Association—in the pool of candidates they select to forward to the Executive Board.

Norbert   Wilson Past President 2023 2024
Jayson    Lusk Chair 2019 2024
Damona   Doye   2019 2024
Jill   McCluskey   2020 2025
Dermot   Hayes   2020 2025
Mary   Bohman   2020 2025
Kathy   Segerson   2021 2026
Awudu   Abdulai   2021 2026
Will   Masters   2022 2025
George   Norton   2022 2025
Jutta   Roosen   2022 2025
Ian   Sheldon   2022 2025
Helen   Jensen   2022 2025
Dawn   Thilmany   2023 2026
Tim   Richards   2023 2026
Craig   Gundersen   2023 2026

*Finance Committee

Evaluate the immediate and long-term financial position of the Association. Provide continuous oversight of the organization’s finances throughout the year. Present a financial report to the Executive Board and Association membership annually.

Tim   Beatty Board Liaison/President Elect 2023 2024
Ani   Katchova Chair 2021 2024
Xudong    Rao   2021 2024
Terry   Hurley   2022 2025
Shaheer   Burney   2023 2026

*Galbraith Forum and Award Committee

To plan and help carry out the Galbraith Event each year, subject to Executive Board approval and within the budget limits set by the AAEA.

Rudy   Nayga President 2023 2024
Norbert   Wilson Past-President 2023 2024
James     Galbraith Permanent - -
Roger   Cryan   2001 2024
Justus   Wessler CHAIR 2021 2024
Levan   Elbakidze   2021 2024
Evert    Van det Sluis   2021 2024
Gerard   D'Souza   2023 2026
Spiro   Stefanou   2023 2026
Sofia   Villas-Boas   2023 2026

*Nominating Committee

Annually present to the President and to the Executive Director, the names of two nominees for each elected office to be filled including the President-Elect and each Director position of the Executive Board. The nominating committee should keep in mind the need for geographical, functional, and organizational representation on the Executive Board, and the essential qualities and characteristics of effective Board members.

Norbert   Wilson Past-President / Chair 2023 2024
Anne   Effland Senior Rep 2021 2024
Daniel   Scheitrum   2021 2024
Carlos   Carpio   2021 2024
Ariun   Ishdorj   2021 2024
Olumide   Aborisade   2022 2025
Xiaoli   Etienne   2022 2025
Xuan   Wei   2022 2025
Alan   de Braw   2022 2025
David   Ortega   2022 2025
Michelle   Segovia   2023 2026
Quijie   Zheng   2023 2026
Karina   Gallardo   2023 2026

*Selected Presentations Committee

To administer the peer review process for selected papers and posters, determining which accepted presentations will be presented as papers and which will be presented as posters. Through the chair, the committee will be responsible for making policy recommendations to the Executive Board regarding AAEA selected papers and posters.

Andrew   Muhammad Board Liaison 2023 2024
Seong    Do Yun CHAIR 2021 2024
Christina   Korting   2021 2024
Ruiqing   Miao   2021 2024
Grace   Melo Guerrero   2022 2025
Robert   King   2022 2025
Frederick   Nyanzu   2022 2025
Weizhe   Weng   2022 2025
Valerie   Kilders   2023 2026

*T.W. Schultz Committee

Provide general guidance for the organization of the T.W. Schultz event to be held annually at the ASSA winter meetings. Recommend the keynote speaker for the T.W. Schultz Memorial Lecture.

Amy   Ando Board Liaison 2022 2024
Alan   Ker   2023 2026
David   Hennessy CHAIR 2023 2026
Jonathan   McFadden   2023 2026

AAEA Trust Committee

Make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding solicitation and use of Trust funds.

Norbert    Wilson Past President 2023 2024
Simla    Tokgoz   2021 2024
David   Zilberman   2021 2024
Ashok    Mishra   2021 2024
Zhifeng   Gao   2023 2026
Suhina   Deol   2023 2026
David   Just   2023 2026
Wen   Lin   2023 2026
Jeff   Hyde   2023 2026

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will provide guidance to AAEA and AAEA staff and ongoing oversight of internal communication and external media and public relations strategies.  The Committee will also develop strategies to enhance AAEA members’ ability to communicate the importance of their professional work.  Its role will be to:

  1. Identify and prioritize types of content for greatest impact
  2. Assist in identifying appropriate experts who can translate the research, if not the author
  3. Identify ways to demonstrate the importance of the content
  4. Identify the audiences who should receive the content
  5. Strategize media channels across types of content strategies
  6. Recommend changes to enhance communications with members
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of communications strategy and tactics
  8. Recommend ways to strengthen the ability of members to communicate the relevance of their work to external audiences, outside of formal AAEA publications.
Tim   Beatty President-Elect/Board liaison 2023 2024
Allison   Ware ex officio AAEA ex officio  
Mike   O'Riordan ex-officio Wiley rep ex officio  
Wendong    Zhang CHAIR 2021 2024
Ranjitsinh    Mane   2021 2024
Peter   Agamile   2022 2025
Ly   Nguyen   2023 2026
Lauren   Chenaridis   2023 2026

Employment Services Committee

Pro-actively provide guidance and leadership to the range of AAEA employment service offerings and increase the use of services. Responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting, as well as evaluating, programs that make AAEA’s employment service the first choice of employers seeking employees with applied economics skills. AAEA employment services should provide assistance at the Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and post-graduate level.

Andrew   Muhammad Board Liaison 2022 2024
Helene   Nguemgaing   2022 2025
Sam   Priestly   2022 2025
Yacob   Zereyesus   2022 2025
Margaret   Jodlowski   2023 2026

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee provides guidance, leadership, and support for the AAEA government relations programs and activities.  It currently accomplishes this purpose by engaging with the Council on Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics (C-FARE).  The purpose of the committee is to interact with C-FARE to facilitate communication and opportunities for AAEA members to engage with policymakers, stakeholders, and media in Washington, D.C.  On at least an annual basis, with the approval of the AAEA Executive Board, the committee will develop a scope of work in a Memorandum of Understanding and assess the impact and effectiveness of the work completed in the previous year. The committee will submit a report to the AAEA Executive Board at least annually.

Norbert   Wilson Past President 2023 2024
Lowell   Randel Gov't Relations Rep 2021 2024
Rob   Johansson   2021 2024
Sanchari    Ghosh   2021 2024
Gal   Hochman Ex-Officio 2021 2024
Lisa   House Ex-Officio 2023 2024
Keith   Coble   2023 2026
Bart    Fischer   2023 2026

Membership Committee

Assess the composition of, trends in, and factors affecting AAEA membership, and devise policies and procedures for promoting membership in the AAEA.

Ashok   Mishra Board Liaison 2023 2026
Mallory   Vestal TLC Rep 2021 2024
Steven    Wallander USDA-ERS Rep 2021 2024
Kishore   Luitel   2021 2024
Sunil   Dhoubhadel CHAIR 2021 2024
Tong    Wang   2022 2025
Weizhe   Weng EXT Rep 2023 2026
Michee   Arnold Lachaud COSBAE/1890s Rep 2023 2026
Kashi   Kafle INT Rep 2023 2026
Jacklyn   Kropp HTH Rep 2023 2026
Mariah   Ehmke FSN Rep 2023 2026
Mary Blain   Grist   2023 2026

Mentorship Program Committee

The Mentorship Program committee will provide guidance, leadership, and support for AAEA professional development and mentoring programs and activities by, assessing the professional development needs of AAEA members on a continuing basis in order to provide guidance on program structure and topic areas, organizing professional development and mentoring programs for AAEA members, facilitating communication among Sections and committees regarding planning, marketing support, and funding for AAEA professional development activities and developing program impact measures and reporting procedures for AAEA professional development activities.

Vincenzina   Caputo Board liaison 2023 2026
David   Zilberman   2021 2024
Zoe   Plakias Chair 2021 2024
Jeffrey   Alwang   2021 2024
Cesar   Escalante   2022 2025
Alicia   Rosburg   2022 2025
Madhu   Khanna   2023 2026
Andrew   Sowell   2023 2026

Publications Committee

The purpose of the Publications Committee will be 1) to develop policies and strategies for AAEA publications and to interact with the publishers; 2) monitor and evaluate the portfolio of AAEA publication vehicles; and 3) evaluate new publication proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Board.

Tim Beatty JAAEA Editor 2021 2024
Jesse Tack AJAE Editor 2021 2024
Jill  McCluskey AJAE Editor 2021 2024
Marc Bellemare AJAE Editor 2020 2024
Amy Ando AJAE Editor/Board Liaison 2020 2024
Gopi Munisamy AEPP Editor 2022 2025
Alessandro Bonanno AEPP Editor 2022 2025
Mindy Mallory AEPP Editor 2020 2023
Jerome Dumortier AEPP Incoming Editor 2023 2026
Zhengfei Guan Choices Editor 2023 2026
Ruiqing Miao Choices Editor 2023 2026
Jason Bergtold AETR Editor 2019 2024
Kashi Kafle Member at Large 2023 2026
Laura Schechter Member at Large 2023 2026