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Special Purpose Funds

Special Purpose Funds allow donors to support a particular award/scholarship each year in the name of a prominent agricultural or applied economist. Unlike Appreciation Clubs, Special Purpose Funds are restricted use funds, meaning that any donations they receive can only be used by that fund, and will not be included with the general funds of the Trust.

You can learn more about each fund below. Donations can be made to Special Purpose Funds as part of the standard AAEA Trust donation form.

AERA India/AAEA Mentorship Program

The AERA along with one representative from AAEA will play a facilitating role in the selection of Indian students/young professionals to participate in the mentorship program. The offer and themes for each year will be published in one of the issues of Agricultural Economics Research Review (AERR) and recommendation of the Association shall be sent to AAEA for Award of the grant. The following criteria were agreed for screening and recommendation of the candidate(s). Read more »

AgEcon Search Special Purpose Fund

The AgEcon Search Special Purpose Fund supports the efforts of AgEcon Search and AAEA to preserve and make freely available the literature of agricultural and applied economics. Read more »

Georgeanne Artz Travel Grant Award

The Georgeanne Artz Memorial Travel Grant Award supports the travel of deserving graduate students to the annual meetings each year to present their research. The award is open to graduate students of all genders, with preference given to those who demonstrate active involvement in the Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics (CWAE) and commitment to CWAE’s mission. Read more »

Boehlje Agribusiness Management Fellowship

The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide financial support for graduate students with an interest in agribusiness management to continue their education through the PhD in preparation for an academic career in these areas. Read more »

Jon Brandt Special Purpose Fund

Donations to the Jon Brandt Special Purpose Fund will fund an annual Jon Brandt Public Policy Forum. Each Forum will share economic research with private and public sector decision makers on issues important to agriculture, food, rural, environmental, and related societal issues. Read more »

Bruce L. Gardner Special Purpose Fund

Each year, the Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award recognizes outstanding impact on agricultural and related policy, based on sound foundations in economic theory, in the tradition of Bruce Gardner. Funding for the award is provided by the Bruce L. Gardner Special Purpose Fund. Read more »

Anthony M. Grano Special Purpose Fund

The purpose of the Anthony Grano Special Purpose Fund is to provide scholarships for academically successful, highly motivated students in agricultural economics or a closely related discipline with an interest in agricultural policy and the policy formation process. Read more »

Sylvia Lane Mentorship Fund

The Sylvia Lane Mentorship Fund sponsors activities that encourage the academic and professional development of individuals (especially women) conducting economic analyses of food, agricultural or natural resource issues. Read more »

Uma Lele Special Purpose Fund

The Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Fund provides fellowships for early career scholars in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia to work with distinguished mentors in US universities on cutting edge, policy-relevant research. Read more »

Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship for Women

The Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award for Women supports a mentorship relationship between an early career women agricultural, resource and environmental economist from low income and lower-middle income countries, and a mentor who is a member of the AAEA. A complete list of qualifying countries is available under the headings “Low-income economies” and “Lower-middle-income economies” at: Read more »

Chester O. McCorkle, Jr. Special Purpose Fund

Chester O. McCorkle, Jr. Special Purpose Fund supports applied research by a graduate student on economic issues relating to agriculture. Read more »

Luther G. Tweeten Special Purpose Fund

Luther G. Tweeten Special Purpose Fund provides support for graduate student research on socioeconomic problems of Africa, especially addressing issues of food, population, and environment that affect economic development, poverty, and food security. Read more »