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Sylvia Lane Mentorship Fund

Call for Applications

You can learn more about submitting an application for a Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship in the call for applications. Applications are due in early October for the following year's fellowships.

The Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship was established by CWAE to sponsor activities that encourage the academic and professional development of individuals (especially women) conducting economic analyses of food, agricultural or natural resource issues. The fellowship provides an opportunity for young female scholars working on food, agricultural, or resource issues to collaborate with an established expert at another university, institution, or firm.

You can donate to the Lane fund using the Trust donation form.

Sylvia Lane

Professor Lane has a distinguished record of research and teaching in the areas of consumer credit, health care, rural health service delivery, food stamps, and other areas concerning low-income consumers. She was named a fellow of the AAEA in 1984, one of the first women to receive this honor. She served as a consultant to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization and was a member of the President's Committee on Consumer Interests. She is a professor emerita of agricultural and resource economics at the University of California.

Lane Fellowship Recipients

The past winners of the Lane Fellowship, the mentors they worked with, and (if available) the areas of research they focused on are listed below.

  • 2023: Courtney Cooper, University of Arkansas
  • 2022: Xuan Wei, University of Florida
  • 2021: -----
  • 2020: Alexandra Hill, Colorado State University
  • 2019: Vincenzina Caputo, Michigan State University
  • 2018: Graciela Andrango, Western Illinois University
  • 2017: Tongzhe Li, University of Windsor
  • 2016: Moriah Bostian, Lewis and Clark College
  • 2015: Mousumi Das, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
  • 2014: Brooke Krause, University of Minnesota
  • 2014: Kateryna Goychuk Schroeder, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI)
  • 2013: Leah Harris, Michigan State University
  • 2013: Kelly Lange, Virginia Tech
  • 2013: Christiane Schroeter, California Polytechnic State University
  • 2012: Kathryn Boys, Virginia Tech
  • 2012: Mariah D. Ehmke, University of Wyoming
  • 2012: R. Karina Gallardo, Washington State University
  • 2012: Aine Seitz McCarthy, University of Minnesota
  • 2011: Carola Grebitus, University of Bonn
  • 2010: Ana Espinola, Washington State University
  • 2008: Christiane Schroeter, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • 2008: Michelle Mullins, University of Missouri-Columbia