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AAEA Endorsed Events

What components make up an Endorsed Event?

  • Variable time lengths
  • Links to AAEA Sections, Committees or Initiatives
  • Membership not required for all program participants (Presenters, panelists, discussants, moderators, etc).
  • Are not financially supported by AAEA

Does your event not fit this category? Try a Symposium or a Professional Workshop.


AAEA Endorsed Events focus on a specific theme within the fields and functions (teaching, research, extension, policy analysis) of agricultural and applied economics and have varying lengths. The organizing committee will ensure high quality content and will rely primarily on outside funding; the only resources provided by AAEA will be promotion to its membership. The precise format of each AAEA Endorsed Events will be determined by the organizers. Applications for Endorsed Events must provide the credentials of the organizers and motivate how the theme and program format address a high impact or emerging issue for AAEA members and stakeholders.


The organizer(s) agree to:

  1. Credit AAEA for its endorsement of the meeting in all-meeting publications and announcements, including a logo in all promotional brochures, website, and in newsletters when applicable.
  2. Provide AAEA with copies of all meeting literature including program, abstracts, proceedings and promotional materials as well as a list of meeting attendees (both mailing and e-mail addresses when available).

AAEA Endorsed Meetings may use the AAEA logo in promotional materials for the event in conjunction with the following statement: "Endorsed by the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association." AAEA will promote Endorsed Meetings on the Association's website and in the AAEA Exchange. The AAEA will not provide any funding for Endorsed Meetings and shall have no fiscal responsibility for the meeting and no liability for any event associated with the meeting.

Application Review Process for Endorsed Meetings

Applications for AAEA endorsement can be submitted at any time and will go through an expedited reviewed by the AAEA Board with, in most cases, a response to the applicant in approximately 30 days.

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