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Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship for Women

The Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award for Women supports a mentorship relationship between an early career women agricultural, resource and environmental economist from low income and lower-middle income countries, and a mentor who is a member of the AAEA. A complete list of qualifying countries is available under the headings “Low-income economies” and “Lower-middle-income economies” at:

The purpose of the award is to promote high quality research of a policy/problem solving nature, by fostering research collaboration between the scholar and mentor. Research topics should fall within the mission of the AAEA (, but preference will be given to topics focusing on countries that are facing food and nutrition insecurity, and/or environmental pressures.

The total amount of the award is up to USD 5000. Of this, up to USD 4500 will be allocated to the scholar and up to USD 500 to the mentor. The award to the scholar is intended to cover travel, registration, and related costs of the scholar to attend a meeting organized by the AAEA or the ICAE where both the mentor and the scholar can meet. The award may also be used to cover travel costs to the mentor’s work place. The amount allocated to the mentor can be used for travel and other expenses during the fellowship period. The AAEA will waive registration fee for both the scholar and the mentor for the duration of the fellowship. AAEA will also waive annual membership fee for the scholar for the duration of the fellowship.

Women scholars, who are either within one year of obtaining a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Economics, or related field, or within five years of having completed Ph.D. and are citizens of and reside in a low income and lower-middle income country are eligible to apply. Ph.D. students studying in countries that are not considered low-income economies and lower-middle-income economies may also apply, but they must be close to completing their degree and planning to permanently reside in a low-income or a lower-middle-income country by the end of 2022. Mentors can reside in any part of the world, but they must be AAEA members.

Applications will open in the early fall 2021.