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Uma Lele Special Purpose Fund

Call for Applications

You can learn more about submitting an application for the Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award in the call for applications. Applications are due in early October for the following year's scholarships.

The Uma Lele Special Purpose Fund provides fellowships for early career scholars who are citizens of and reside in a developing country to work with distinguished mentors on cutting edge, policy-relevant research.

At least one fellowship of up to $5,000 will be awarded annually for use over a two year period. The funding is designed to cover the costs of travel and expenses for an Uma Lele Scholar and mentor to work together on a specific project. The fund's ultimate goal is to create vibrant, long-lasting networks of scholars working on current and newly emerging challenges to economic development in these regions.

You can donate to the Uma Lele Special Purpose Fund using the Trust donation form.

Uma Lele

Dr. Uma Lele is a recognized international leader, thinker, and policy analyst with extensive research and operational experience. Her areas of work include food, agriculture, health, environment, global public goods, science and technology, and external assistance and partnerships. Dr. Lele is a fellow of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, and she has been recognized as an Outstanding Alumna by Cornell University.

Lele Mentor Fellowship Recipients

  • 2016: Ope Ayinde, University of Ilorin

Past Winners

  • 2015: Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • 2015: Rajib Sutradhar, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • 2014: Eugenie Maiga, African Center for Economic Transformation, Accra, Ghana; Mentor: Ralph Christy, Cornell University