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Job Board

We invite you to visit the new and improved AAEA Job Board! Our new platform allows employers to post open positions on the site and browse the resumes of qualified candidates.

Applicants can apply for these positions online and upload their resumes anonymously, protecting their personal information.

Job Market Candidate Profiles

Current AAEA Members have the ability to create a Job Market Candidate Profile that is open for public viewing. These profiles allow members to post their contact information, personal statements, and degree information for Employers and other members to see. To create a new profile or update an existing one, please visit the My Personal Information section of your AAEA Account. (Note: these profiles appear in Google search results. If you are looking for a more private profile, please use the resume-posting feature on the new Job Board.)


Help Finding a Job at the ASSA Meetings

Many positions in applied economics are filled through activities at the winter meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA), where the AAEA holds its winter meeting. In 2011 and 2012, the AAEA held special sessions at its summer Annual Meeting on how to look for a job at the ASSA meetings. The resources shared during those sessions, including a recording of the 2012 session and a transcript of that recording, can be found here: