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AAEA News | Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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The 2015 Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship winner says that "the difference has been attributed to women’s status level or empowerment, poor hygiene and child feeding practices"

Mousumi Das
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President's Message

Jill McCluskey

Jayson Lusk
AAEA President

October 2016

I’m pleased to announce a generous $150,000 grant from the USDA-ERS to the Association in support of AAEA professional development activities with a focus on strengthening the skills of new members of the profession. We aim to expand the diversity of the profession across many dimensions; including the types of careers and backgrounds of members and build ties between individuals from different institutions.  The funds will be used to help support workshops such as the Early Career Professional Symposium that will be held this summer, and more generally, we will be able to expand travel grants to the summer meetings and other symposia and workshops.  We are also working to expand the resources available on the newly created Online Mentorship Portal, and to re-ignite the successful one-on-one mentorship program held in previous years.  Many thanks to ERS!

The aforementioned symposium is just one example of the kinds of activities AAEA encourages and supports.  Have an idea for a meeting but don’t want to deal with all the logistical headaches?  Submit a proposal for a symposium and let the AAEA business office help with the logistical details.  We can even help provide some financial support or travel grants.  Sometimes the symposium route is not quite the right fit for every activity, so we also offer the opportunity for AAEA Workshops and even AAEA Endorsed Events

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