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AAEA News | Friday, September 30, 2016
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The 2015 Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship winner says that "the difference has been attributed to women’s status level or empowerment, poor hygiene and child feeding practices"

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President's Message

Jill McCluskey

Jayson Lusk
AAEA President

August 2016

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the AAEA president over the next year.  My job is made easier because of the capable leadership and vision of prior presidents and boards.  The Association is in a strong financial position and we have stable membership numbers.  For all those who were able to make it to Boston, it is evident that we have a vibrant, well-attended annual meeting that shows off the diversity of interests and talents of our members.  I even heard one person remark, “The AAEA is back!” 

However, we have more work to do.  For the association to remain relevant, we need to find ways to engage and provide value to early career professionals who are the future of the association.  Cheryl DeVuyst and Norbert Wilson (the past and current chairs of the AAEA mentorship committee) are working with me to organize a symposium in the late spring or early summer of 2017 for early career professionals.  The aim is to provide practical advice on successfully navigating the rigors of an academic career, and to provide an opportunity for young professionals to meet their peers and form a strong cohort for the future.  Be on the lookout for additional details about the symposium in the coming months.

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