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AAEA News | Monday, October 23, 2017
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“Musicals tell stories, and many of the stories contain economic lessons. While most PhDs probably don’t need a song to learn an economic concept, there is a significant amount of research that shows that people learn much better if a concept is reinforced through music.”

Matthew Rousu

Susquehanna University
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President's Message

Scott Swinton
AAEA President

August 2017

As applied economists, AAEA members aim to pair relevance with rigor.  My goal as your new president is for our Association to enable us all to do that even better. I’ll use this column to keep you abreast of what’s afoot.  But please let me and our board of directors know what you see and what you think.

Our annual meeting last month in Chicago reflected the diversity of agricultural and applied economics.  Outside the plenary sessions, the five most popular ones covered Big Data, the cult of statistical significance, food labeling, Washington policy update, and crop insurance.  We heard plenary speakers on experimental markets for public services (Charles Plott), (dis)honesty in behavioral economics (Dan Ariely), and returns to agricultural research (Julian Alston).  Breaking new ground in stylistic diversity, the Beer vs. Wine track session featured presentations via both limericks and song.

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