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AAEA Committees

AAEA has a number of standing committees. Descriptions of each committee and their current members can be found below. The committees fall into two different types-committees with a narrowly defined charge and those with a broadly defined charge.

Committees with a narrow charge have a specific set of activities that they are responsible for each year while those with a broadly defined charge undertake activities that vary from year to year. The AAEA Board has made it a priority to ensure that the limited time and resources that are being provided by volunteers are used effectively. Each year, the AAEA Board will evaluate the needs of the organization and provide specific charges to the committees that have a broadly defined charge. This approach aims to ensure that the committee is serving its purpose and to ensure volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the work of the Association.

*Committees with narrowly defined charges: Awards Committee, Case Study Invited Paper Committee, Fellows Selection Committee, Finance Committee, Galbraith Forum and Award Committee, Nominating Committee, and Selected Presentations Committee.

Committees with broadly defined charges:  AAEA Trust Committee, Communications Committee, Economic Statistics and Information Resources Committee, Employment Services Committee, Government Relations Committee, Membership Committee, Mentorship Program Committee, and Publications Committee.

(To view the committee charge, chair, and committee members, select the committee of choice in the below options)

*Awards Committee

Coordinate the selection of award winners according to the purpose of each award. Annually evaluate the AAEA awards program to be certain it is aligned with the current activities of AAEA members, recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession, and recognizes contributions that benefit the users of the information produced by the profession. Make recommendations to the Executive Board on changes to the awards given or instances where special recognition(s) is (are) appropriate.

Committee Chair: Bidisha Mandal
Committee Members:  Jeffrey Dorfman (Board Liaision), Rodolfo Nayga, and Matt Rousu

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

Chair: John Miranowski
Members: Rodolfo Nayga, Jr., Keith Coble, Jon Yoder, Bruce Babcock, Keith Fuglie

Distinguished Extension/Outreach

Chair: Steven Deller
Members: Todd Davis, Eric Scorsone, Scott Irwin, Joan Fulton, Rebecca Dudensing

Distinguished Teaching

Chair: Lynn Hamilton
Members: Michael Gunderson, Christine Wilson, Kathleen Liang, Patricia Duffy, Jason Bergtold

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

Chair: Kelly Cobourn
Members: Michael Carter, Nathan Hendricks, Marc Bellemare, Henry Kinnucan, Karina Schoengold, Mindy Mallory, Kristi Hansen

Outstanding Master's Thesis

Chair: Todd Gabe
Members: Steve Boucher, Timothy Richards, Stephen Devadoss, Harry de Gorter, Brent Swallow, Brenna Ellison, Lenis Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Publication of Enduring Quality

Chair: Charles Moss
Members: Walter Thurman, David Willis, David Zilberman, Konstantinos Giannakas, Cathy Roheim

Quality of Communication

Chair: Nick Piggott
Members: Eric Belasco, Mary Ahearn, Josh Woodard, Andrew Barkley, Becca B.R. Jablonski

Quality of Research Discovery

Chair: Tim Beatty
Members: Katherine Baylis, Thomas Sproul, Greg Traxler, Madhu Khanna, Chris McIntosh

*Case Study Invited Paper Committee

Collect and organize the review of case studies to be formed into an Invited Paper session at the Annual Meeting.

Committee Chair: Lynn Hamilton
Committee Members: Madhu Khanna (Board Liaison), Deepayan Debnath, and Matt Salois

*Fellows Selection Committee

Identify individuals worthy of designation as Fellow of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association. The committee shall accept nominations as well as identify other members of the Association worthy of consideration. The committee should consider the diversity that exists within the profession—areas of interest, scope of work, constituencies, and audiences as well as contributions to the profession and the Association—in the pool of candidates they select to forward to the Executive Board.

Committee Chair: Cathy Kling
Committee Members: Jill McCluskey (Board Liaison), Robert Innes, John Antle, Matt Holt, Laurian Unnevehr, Erik Lichtenberg, Jo Swinnen, Jeffrey Dorfman, Rob King, Philip Pardey, Ron Mittelhammer, Helen Jensen, James McDonald, and Wade Brorsen

*Finance Committee

Evaluate the immediate and long-term financial position of the Association. Provide continuous oversight of the organization’s finances throughout the year. Present a financial report to the Executive Board and Association membership annually.

Committee Chair: Allen Featherstone
Committee Members: Scott Swinton (Board Liaison), Christine Wilson, and Eric Belasco

*Galbraith Forum and Award Committee

To plan and help carry out the Galbraith Event each year, subject to Executive Board approval and within the budget limits set by the AAEA.

Committee Chair: Brad Rickard
Committee Members:  Jayson Lusk (Board Liaison), Jill McCluskey, James Galbraith, Robert Young II, Julian Alston, Eivis Qenani, James Sterns, David Zilberman, and Greg Colson

*Nominating Committee

Annually present to the President and to the Executive Director, the names of two nominees for each elected office to be filled including the President-Elect and each Director position of the Executive Board. The nominating committee should keep in mind the need for geographical, functional, and organizational representation on the Executive Board, and the essential qualities and characteristics of effective Board members.

Committee Chair: Jill McCluskey
Committee Members: Duncan Chembezi, Cathy Durham, Craig Gundersen, Scott Irwin, Marco Palma, Mark Partridge, Dustin Pendell, Cathy Roheim, Vince Smith, Joshua Berning, Nick Piggot, Ephraim Nkonya, David Ortega and Brenna Ellison

*Selected Presentations Committee

To administer the peer review process for selected papers and posters, determining which accepted presentations will be presented as papers and which will be presented as posters. Through the chair, the committee will be responsible for making policy recommendations to the Executive Board regarding AAEA selected papers and posters.

Committee Chair: Gary Williams
Committee Members: Allen Featherstone (Board Liaison), Xiang Bi, Jason Grant, Jason Winfree, Christiane Schroeter, Nathan Hendricks, and Nathan Thompson

*T.W. Schultz Committee

Provide general guidance for the organization of the T.W. Schultz event to be held annually at the ASSA winter meetings. Recommend the keynote speaker for the T.W. Schultz Memorial Lecture.

Committee Chair: Jeffrey Dorfman
Committee Members: Jayson Lusk (Board Liaison), David Abler, and Susan Capalbo

AAEA Trust Committee

Make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding solicitation and use of Trust funds.

Committee Chair: Jill McCluskey
Committee Members: Holly Wang (Board Liaison), Marc Bellemare, Damona Doye, Greg Perry, Lurleen Walters, Steve Hamilton, and Ashok Mishra

Communications Committee

Foster and enhance communications on issues and ideas of importance to AAEA members and to the broader set of leaders interested in these issues and ideas. Monitor and evaluate the portfolio of AAEA publication vehicles. Evaluate the effectiveness of AAEA journals and other publications, including the website and use of e-mail communications in conveying information to members and the outside world. Evaluate new publication proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Board. Serve as the sounding board and first resource for crosscutting issues of policy, promotion, and processes for the Association’s publications, communications, and public relations vehicles. Prepare recommendations to the Executive Board.

Committee Chair: Scott Swinton
Committee Members: Bruce Babcock, David Just, Scott Irwin, Marc Bellemare, Jayson Lusk, Glynn Tonsor, and Kelly Crupi

Economic Statistics and Information Resources Committee

Monitor the availability and use of publicly available statistics for economic research. Coordinate information and activities related to improving U.S. data systems. Work with other organizations as needed providing the profession’s perspective on data and information systems. Provide input on statistical use and access on behalf of the Association with the knowledge of the Executive Board. Regularly inform and educate AAEA members about data availability, uses, and needs.

Committee Chair: Ashok Mishra
Committee Members: Allen Featherstone (Board Liaison), William Chambers, Carrie Litkowski, Troy Joshua,  Jean-Paul Chavas, Dave Culver, Mary Dugan, Richard Farnsworth, Charles Towe, Kitty Smith, Caron Gala, Julie Kelly, Valerien Pede, Jeremy D'Antoni, Brandon Kenney, Terry Griffin, Tracy Boyer, Peyton Ferrier, Jessie Tack, and James Robb

Employment Services Committee

Pro-actively provide guidance and leadership to the range of AAEA employment service offerings and increase the use of services. Responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting, as well as evaluating, programs that make AAEA’s employment service the first choice of employers seeking employees with applied economics skills. AAEA employment services should provide assistance at the Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and post-graduate level.

Committee Chair: Gulcan Onel
Committee Members: Madhu Khanna (Board Liaison), David Ortega, Rod Rejesus, and Ken Foster

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee provides guidance, leadership, and support for the AAEA government relations programs and activities.  It currently accomplishes this purpose by engaging with the Council on Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics (C-FARE).  The purpose of the committee is to interact with C-FARE to facilitate communication and opportunities for AAEA members to engage with policymakers, stakeholders, and media in Washington, D.C.  On at least an annual basis, with the approval of the AAEA Executive Board, the committee will develop a scope of work in a Memorandum of Understanding and assess the impact and effectiveness of the work completed in the previous year. The committee will submit a report to the AAEA Executive Board at least annually.

Committee Members: Jill McCluskey, Jayson Lusk, Ani Katchova, Keith Coble, Stephanie Mercier, Kitty Smith

Membership Committee

Assess the composition of, trends in, and factors affecting AAEA membership, and devise policies and procedures for promoting membership in the AAEA.

Committee Chair: Michael Langemeier
Committee Members: Ani Katchova (Board Liaison), Maria Bampasidou, Xiaoli Etienne, Allen Featherstone, Sanchari Ghosh, Mohammed Ibrahim, Kandice Marshall, Stephanie Riche, Evert Van Der Sluis, and Carola Grebitus

Mentorship Program Committee

The Mentorship Program committee will provide guidance, leadership, and support for AAEA professional development and mentoring programs and activities by, assessing the professional development needs of AAEA members on a continuing basis in order to provide guidance on program structure and topic areas, organizing professional development and mentoring programs for AAEA members, facilitating communication among Sections and committees regarding planning, marketing support, and funding for AAEA professional development activities and developing program impact measures and reporting procedures for AAEA professional development activities.

Committee Chair: Norbert Wilson
Committee Members: Scott Swinton (Board Liaison), John Loomis, Diogo Souza Monteiro, Mallory Vestal, Trey Malone, Ephraim Leibtag, and Kathleen Liang

Publications Committee

The purpose of the Publications Committee will be 1) to develop policies and strategies for AAEA publications and to interact with the publishers; 2) monitor and evaluate the portfolio of AAEA publication vehicles; and 3) evaluate new publication proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Board.

Committee Members: Ani Katchova (Board Liaison), Brian Roe, JunJie Wu, Madhu Khanna, James Vercammen,  Rod Rejesus, Kynda Curtis, Janet Perry David Zilberman, Jason Winfree, Byron Bonaparth, Craig Gundersen, and Chris McIntosh