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Bruce L. Gardner Special Purpose Fund

Each year, the Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award recognizes outstanding impact on agricultural and related policy, based on sound foundations in economic theory, in the tradition of Bruce Gardner. Funding for the award is provided by the Bruce L. Gardner Special Purpose Fund. 

You can donate to the Gardner fund using the Trust donation form.

Bruce Gardner

Dr. Gardner was a Distinguished University Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park, as well as a Fellow and former President of the AAEA.  He helped shape U.S. farm policy over four decades, but especially substantively in two presidential administrations with the Council of Economic Advisers and as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Economics.  Additionally, Dr. Gardner was very involved in agricultural policy reforms in many developing countries through his work with the World Bank, USAID, and other groups.

Gardner Memorial Prize Recipients

  • 2014: Keith Fuglie, USDA-Economic Research Service
  • 2013: William Masters, Tufts University
  • 2012: Joseph Herriges, Catherine Kling, Daniel Otto, and John Downing, Iowa State University; Kevin Egan, University of Toledo
  • 2011: Craig Jagger, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Agriculture
  • 2010: Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide
  • 2009: Bruce A. McCarl, Texas A&M University

Submitting a Nomination

Nominations for the Gardner Memorial Prize are accepted as part of the AAEA Annual Awards call. Nominations are usually due during the first week in February.