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Boehlje Agribusiness Management Fellowship

The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide financial support for graduate students with an interest in agribusiness management to continue their education through the PhD in preparation for an academic career in these areas.

BACKGROUND: After graduating from Iowa State University in AgEcon, Mike Boehlje received a NDEA Fellowship to attend graduate school in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University where he received MS and PhD degrees. The NDEA Fellowship was critical to enabling him to pursue graduate work which then led to academic career faculty and administrative positions at Oklahoma State, Iowa State, University of Minnesota and Purdue. The focus of his academic work was managerial economics and farm/agribusiness finance and management. He was an active member of AAEA and recognized as an AAEA Fellow.

The goal of the Fellowship is to support the education of graduate students for faculty positions in Departments of Agricultural Economics in the critical area of agribusiness management.

A Fellowship of $3,000 would be offered annually. Applicants would be expected to provide their plan of study and a brief description of their research interests and/or project.