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The objective of the Experimental Economics Section is to offer a forum for AAEA members involved in experimental economics research. Engaging in experimental economics research and conducting experiments, whether laboratory, field or online experiments, requires expertise. This Section provides a platform for junior and senior researchers to share their experiences, discuss study design, advantages and disadvantages of different types of experiments, challenges that may arise, and more. This is also an ideal place for researchers to discuss the latest developments and controversies.

This Section aims to provide an environment where young professionals without much experience yet can discuss their ideas with more experienced researchers in order to receive advice regarding feasibility and practicality. At the same time more experienced researchers will benefit from the enthusiasm and motivation of the young professionals and could be introduced to new and innovative methods.

Ultimately, this section will contribute to the members’ understanding of experimental research methods.


EXECON membership is open to current members of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA). Members may join EXECON concurrently with AAEA, or join EXECON only if already a member of AAEA. Membership in EXECON is $10 per year for non-students. Student membership is FREE. You can learn more about joining AAEA by visiting the AAEA membership page. If you are already a member of AAEA and would like to join the Experimental Economics Section, you can do so by completing this form (PDF) or logging in to the My Account section and completing the Online Section Form.