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The scope of this section includes, but is not limited to, the economics and policies of human, animal, and plant health.  The scope could also be as broad as ecosystem health or as narrow as soil or fish health.

The purpose of this section is to offer a venue for members in AAEA to meet, discuss, and collaborate on topics related to this section. This section seeks to:

  • expand methods and approaches for AAEA members in testing empirical hypotheses and measuring welfare outcomes;
  • encourage the analysis of public and private health strategies;
  • provide a national discourse on the economics and policies of health in agriculture and the environment;
  • nurturing interest and professional development of early career researchers in this area;
  • bring multidisciplinary groups together including USDA, DHS, CDC, etc.;
  • facilitate communication about health research among AAEA members, other scientists, and public policy analysts.