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Increasing Diversity in Seminars, Panels, Conferences, and Media

The Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics (CWAE) strongly encourages organizers of seminars, panel discussions, and conferences, as well as those in media and policy organizations to seek out diverse voices. To assist in this, we are creating a database of areas of expertise and availability for engagements.

Women and historically underrepresented minorities are invited to complete this Google form to add their information. The complete database can be accessed here.

Diversity and Culture Survey

The missions of the Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics (CWAE) and the Committee on the Status of Black Agricultural Economists (COSBAE) includes monitoring the positions of women and underrepresented minorities in the profession and undertaking professional activities to improve those positions. Since 1972, the American Economic Association (AEA) has charged the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) to conduct an analysis of data on the gender composition of faculty and students in U.S. economics departments. We seek to create a similar set of data for the agricultural and applied economics profession, while considering broader metrics of diversity.

Committee: Anna Josephson (Chair), Simanti Banerjee, Lurleen Walters, Leah H. Palm-Forster, and Kate Schneider


Building the Pipeline

Continuing Engagement and Collaboration of 1994, 1890, 1862, Federal and Private Sector Institutions: Building the Pipeline from Undergraduate to Graduate Training

Program Committee: Victoria Salin (Chair), Joyce Chen, Deepthi Kolady, and Kate Fuller

The Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics and the Committee on the Opportunities and Status of Blacks in Agricultural Economics are pleased to launch this mentoring program with support from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Trust. This program supplements existing COSBAE-CWAE mentoring activities through the creation of a mentoring program for undergraduate students from historically under-represented groups who are interested in graduate education and research. This program develops and strengthens relationships between 1994, 1890 and 1862 institutions, and federal government agencies as well as key private sector employers, with the aim of creating new mentoring networks for undergraduate students from historically under-represented groups. These connections will assist them with continuing on to graduate education and research. We will work with undergraduates early on in their schooling (rising juniors and seniors), in order to provide research experience as well as guidance on preparing applications for graduate school. This addresses the early stages of the pipeline, to complement existing COSBAE-CWAE mentoring activities that address the early career stage.


Identify women to nominate for AAEA awards and honors, including Fellows, and coordinate nomination efforts with unit heads and other supporters; develop templates and best practices for compiling nomination packets; draft support letter on behalf of CWAE, focusing on contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Committee: Sathya Gopalakrishnan (Chair), Valerie Mueller, Ariun Ishdorj, Dawn Thilmany, Etaferahu Takele, and Susan Offutt

CWAE Awards

Help establish two (2) new CWAE awards – one at the senior level and one at the junior level – including selection criteria and nomination and selection processes; identify short list of potential award recipients; help promote and solicit donations for the Georgeanne Artz Memorial Fund, as well as applications for the Georgeanne Artz Memorial Travel Grant.

Committee: Valentina Hartarska (Chair), Anaka Aiyar, Deepthi Kolady, and Jamille Palacios Rivera

Social Media

Retweet information relevant to CWAE members; develop original social media content that engages CWAE twitter followers; promote achievements and accomplishments of women in AAEA; help identify CWAE Members in the News and increase visibility of women in popular press.

Committee: Aga Perry (Chair), Simla Tokgoz, Caitlin Herrington, and Natalie Loduca

AAEA Meeting Conference Submission

Committee: Sathya Gopalakrishnan (Chair), Andrea Leschewski, Misti Sharp, Natalie Loduca, and Alla A Golub

Other Activities

CWAE Liason for Mentoring Committee for AAEA: Zoe Plakias

CWAE Liason for Publications Committee: Ariun Ishdorj

Graduate Student Representation: Natalie Loduca