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2017 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Thank you to the Awards Committee Chair, Bidisha Mandal, Board Liaison, Jeffrey Dorfman, committee members Rodolfo Nayga and Matt Rousu, and all who graciously volunteered their time and efforts to serve on an AAEA Award Selection Committee!

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Class of 2017 Fellows

  • Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University
  • Philip Garcia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Harry Kaiser, Cornell University
  • Mario J. Miranda, The Ohio State University
  • Robert J. Myers, Michigan State University

AAEA Awards

Undergraduate Student Section Awards

  • Academic Bowl
    • First Place: University of Kentucky
      • Jordan Champion
      • Zoe Gabrielson
      • Erica Rogers
    • Second Place: University of Idaho
      • Brett Wilder
      • Emily George
      • Austin O'Neill
    • Third Place: Iowa State University
      • Catherine Isley
      • Izak Christensen
      • Trevin Kennedy
  • Outstanding Paper Competition
    • First Place: Savannah Reilly, Mississippi State University
      "A Cost Benefit Analysis of Conventional Soybean Production in Mississippi Compared to Roundup Ready and LibertyLink Enterprises"
    • Second Place: Shea Gould, Mississippi State University
      "A Coastal Habitat Production Function of use to Policy Makers"
    • Third Place: Reid Veirling, Clemson University
      "Is Freight Farming an Economically Profitable Alternative?"
  • Outstanding Chapter Award
    • Iowa State University
      • Advisor: Georgeanne Artz

Graduate Student Section Awards

  • Graduate Student Case Study Competition
    • First Place: Michigan State University, advised by John Kerr
      • Ryan Vroegindewey
      • Stephan Morgan
      • Samantha Padilla
    • Second Place: Oklahoma State University, advised by Brian Whitacre
      • Jacob Manlove
      • Devon Meadowcroft
      • Abby Biendenback
    • Third Place: University of Georgia, advised by Joshua Berning
      • Mary Kate Bagwell
      • Rance Paxton
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition
    • First Place: Elizabeth Naasz, Colorado State University
    • Second Place: Luis Levano, Purdue University
    • Third Place: Chad Te Slaa, South Dakota State University
    • Finalists:
      • Patrick Kanza, Oklahoma State University
      • Wesley Regmund, Texas A&M University

Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

  • María José Montenegro Guerra, University of Alberta
    “Land Rights and Women’s Empowerment in Rural Peru: Insights from Item Response Theory”
    (Advisors: Brent Swallow, Sandeep Mohapatra)

Honorable Mention

  • Pietro Spini, Cornell University
    “The Effect of Carbon Taxation on U.S. Crop Farm Costs”
    (Advisor: Jennifer Ifft)


Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

  • Obie Porteous, University of California, Berkeley
    “Essays on Agricultural Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa”
    (nominated by: David Sunding)
  • Sherzod Akhundjanov, Washington State University
    “Essays on Environmental Regulation and Applied Microeconomics”
    (Advised and nominated by: Ron Mittelhammer, Felix Munoz Garcia)

  • Muhammad Imran Chaudhry, The Ohio State University
    “Essays on Agricultural and Financial Markets in Pakistan”
    (Advisors: Mario Miranda, Sam Abdoul)

Distinguished Teaching Awards

  • Less than Ten Years’ Experience
    • Aleksan Shanoyan, Kansas State University
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience
    • William Wilson, North Dakota State University
  • Graduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience
    • Christopher B. Barrett, Cornell University

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Awards

  • Individual: Less than Ten Years’ Experience
    • Dave Shideler, Oklahoma State University
  • Individual: Ten or More Years’ Experience
    • Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University
  • Group
    • Center for Farm Financial Management”
      Robert Craven, Dale Nordquist, Kevin Klair, Wynn Richardson, Rann Loppnow, Curtis Mahnken, Ed Usset, Jeff Reisdorfer, Dave Nordquist, Jane Sandstrom, Laurie Dickinson, University of Minnesota
  • Honorable Mention: Group
    • “Economic Impacts of Local Foods Toolkit”

Dawn Thilmany McFadden (Team Leader), Allie Bauman, Colorado State University; David Conner, University of Vermont; Steven Deller, Alfonso Morales, University of Wisconsin; Megan Phillips Goldenberg, Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center; Rebecca Hill, Becca B. R. Jablonski, Colorado State University; David Hughes, University of Tennessee; Todd Schmit, Cornell University; David Swenson, Iowa State University; Debra Tropp, Jeffrey O’ Hara,

USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

  • “Farm Input Subsidy Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa”
    William J. Burke, Eric Crawford, Thomas Jayne (Team Leader), Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Nicole Mason, David Mather, Michigan State University; Joshua Ariga, International Fertilizer Development Centre; Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Purdue University; Shahid Rashid, International Food Policy Research Institute; and Charles Jumbe, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Quality of Communication Award

  • George C. Davis, Elena Serrano, Virginia Tech
    "Food and Nutrition Economics: Fundamentals for Health Sciences”

Honorable Mention

  • Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide
    “Agricultural Trade, Policy Reforms, and Global Food Security”
  • Gordon Rausser, Holly Ameden, University of California, Berkeley; Reid Stevens, Texas A&M University
    “Structuring Public-Private Research Partnerships for Success: Empowering University Partners”

Quality of Research Discovery Award

  • Barrett E. Kirwan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Michael J. Roberts, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    “Who Really Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies? Evidence from Field-level Data”

Honorable Mention

  • Diane Charlton, Montana State University; J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis
    “A Declining Farm Workforce: Analysis of Panel Data from Rural Mexico”

Publication of Enduring Quality Award

  • Wallace E. Huffman, Iowa State University; Robert E. Evenson, Yale University
    “Science for Agriculture: A Long-term Perspective”

Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • David R. Just, Cornell University; Richard E. Just, University of Maryland
    “Empirical Identification of Behavioral Choice Models under Risk”, AJAE. (2016): 98 (4): 1181-1194.

Honorable Mention

  • Brian M. Dillon, University of Washington; Christopher B. Barrett, Cornell University

“Global Oil Prices and Local Food Prices: Evidence from East Africa”, AJAE. (2016): 98 (1): 154-171.

  • Shon M. Ferguson, Research Institute of Industrial Economics; M. Rose Olfert, University of Saskatchewan

“Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western Canada”, AJAE. (2016) 98 (2): 422-446.

Outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy Article Award

  • Julian M. Alston, University of California, Davis; Joanna P. MacEwan, Precision Health Economics; Abigail M. Okrent, USDA-Economic Research Service
    “Effects of U.S. Public Agricultural R&D on U.S. Obesity and its Social Costs”, AEPP. (2016): 38 (3): 492-520

Outstanding Choices Article

  • Stephanie Mercier, Farm Journal Foundation
    “The Making of a Farm Bill” Choices (2016) 31 (3rd Quarter)

Presidential Recognition Award for Special Service to the Association

  • Mary Bohman, USDA-Economic Research Service

AAEA Trust Sponsored Awards

Anthony Grano Scholarship

  • Christian Lovell, University of California, Davis

Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship

  • Tongzhe Li, University of Delaware

Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship

  • Iddisah Sulemana, GIMPA Business School

Chester O. McCorkle Jr. Student Scholarship

  • Iryna Printezis, Arizona State University
  • Soye Shin, University of Georgia

AARES-AAEA Young Professional Exchange Program

  • Heading North Award
    • Sharmina Ahmed, University of Adelaide
  • Heading South Award
    • A. Ford Ramsey, North Carolina State University