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Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award

The Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award recognizes outstanding impact on agricultural, food, environmental, development and other related policy, based on sound foundations in economic theory, in the tradition of Bruce Gardner. Policy issues are interpreted in their broadest sense. They may relate to either a national or international situation. The purpose of the award is to encourage sound economic analysis of a broad set of public policy issues that provides timely and relevant information for more effective public policy and program discussions. The award is intended to focus attention on important efforts in research, education or public service, which facilitate the policy process and improve public performance and understanding. A maximum of one award is given annually. The award will carry a cash prize of $1,500 and plaque of recognition financed by the Bruce Gardner Memorial Special Purpose Fund of the AAEA Trust. The Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award Subcommittee is encouraged to generate nominations to assure that all outstanding policy contributions are considered.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are due on February 4, 2024. Nominations may be submitted by individuals, groups, or institutions. An individual nominated for the award, or at least one individual in the case of a group nomination, must be a 2024 AAEA member. Winners will be selected based on supporting materials showing major contributions within the previous five years. Re-nominations are invited provided the supporting materials are updated.

To nominate, fill out the Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis Award Nomination Form linked below. The form will ask you to upload one PDF file containing all the award nomination materials in the order listed below. Please save the PDF file as a nominee's "Last Name, First Name" (ex: Smith, John).

Nomination Materials

Nomination Letter

  • Maximum of three single-spaced pages
  • Must include each nominees’ name, affiliation, and email address, and the nominator’s name, affiliation, and email address.
  • Explains the nominee’s or nominees’ contributions in a general sense.

Documentary evidence supporting the nominee's or nominees’ contributions to the understanding of public policy and related impact on the development of public policy.

  • Electronic format is required.
  • If materials must be submitted in hard copy form, seven copies of documentary evidence shall be submitted to the AAEA Business Office at 555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI 53202 no later than January 30, 2024.

Please submit this completed form as well as any nomination materials to

If you have any questions about your nomination, or the nomination process, please contact Michael Storey at or (414) 918-3190.