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AAEA Mentoring Award

Deliberate, purposive, mentoring takes time and effort. Through the process of collaborating with a mentee, a mentor shows a mentee the ‘ropes’ of the profession, helps to identify and cultivate the mentee’s strengths, and opens up networks and professional opportunities. To mentor is to commit time and effort. The benefits of mentoring—colleagues from diverse backgrounds staying in the profession and fully expressing their potential—are enjoyed by the entire profession. The purpose of the Mentoring Award is to recognize individuals in our association who have systematically shown consistent, outstanding efforts in fostering junior, female and/or minority colleagues.

The AAEA community particularly values

  • Efforts to recruit and retain talented individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Co-authorship and/or other collaboration that provides major learning opportunities for junior, female, and/or minority colleagues
  • Active advocacy for the professional advancement of these colleagues

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominations are due on February 7, 2020.
  • Nominees must be a 2020 member of AAEA.

Nomination materials

  • Nomination letter
    • Maximum of 3 single-spaced pages
    • The nomination letter must be written by a 2020 member of AAEA.
    • This letter will be the centerpiece for evaluation and should give examples (with the names of mentees) of how the nominee has systematically collaborated with, advocated for, and/or created growth opportunities for junior, female, and/or minority colleagues.
    • The letter must include the nominee’s name, affiliation, and email address, as well as the nominator’s name, affiliation, and email address.
    • The file name of the letter should include the phrase ‘nomination_letter.’
  • Current CV of the nominee
  • Between 3 and 5 supporting letters, written by those mentored by the nominee.
    • Each supporting letter should be a maximum of 1 single-spaced page.
    • Letters should be written by those mentored by the nominee, and illustrate the nominee’s mentoring efforts and how these changed the professional trajectory of the letter writer.

Please send nomination materials to Jessica Weister at


The nominating letter, supporting letter, and CVs will be evaluated for evidence of i) mentoring through co-authorship and other forms of collaboration and ii) systematic efforts to recruit and engage junior, female, and minority colleagues.