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AAEA Fellows

Recognition as an AAEA Fellow is AAEA's most prestigious honor. The main consideration for selecting Fellows is continuous contribution to the advancement of agricultural or applied economics as defined by the Vision Statement. Achievements may be in research, teaching, extension, administration, and/or other contributions to public or private sector decision-making.

Submit a Fellows Nomination

Any AAEA member may nominate any living member for the honor of election as Fellow. You can find instructions on how to do so, including the most recent call for nominations on the Submit a Fellows Nomination page.

Previous AAEA Fellows

The AAEA Fellows page lists those that have been given the designation of AAEA Fellow. Full biographies of each Fellow can be found in the proceedings issue of AJAE in the year in which they received the designation.

Fellows Selection Committee Procedures

The maximum number of new Fellows in any year selected by the Fellows Selection Committee will be set at one for every 800 members or part thereof in the 20th the year before, selected from the nominees submitted by the Fellows Selection Committee. For more information about this process, please read the AAEA Operating Policies.

Fellows Selection Committee Appointments

The Fellows Selection Committee operates with a chairperson, fifteen Fellows and the Past President of the Association. More information about the committee is available in the AAEA Operating Policies.