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2018 SS-AAEA Annual Meeting Activities

  • EOHDS Spreadsheet Competition
  • Student Section Paper Competition
  • SS-AAEA Undergraduate Mixer/Academic Bowl Orientation
  • SS-AAEA Academic Bowl
  • Millennial College Students: Learning Styles and Classroom Engagement

SS-AAEA Annual Meeting Competitions

The Earl O. Heady Decision Sciences Spreadsheet Competition

The purpose of this competition is to provide a forum for undergraduate students to showcase their ability to address real world problems in agricultural and applied economics using a spreadsheet, as well as celebrate their success as experiential learners. First place winners receive $400, a plaque, and recognition at the AAEA Annual Awards Ceremony. Second place receives $200, and third place receives $100.

Spreadsheet Competition Guidelines
Spreadsheet Competition Statement of Intent

Spreadsheet Competition Entry Form

Student Paper Competition

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to submit their paper to be part of the Student Paper Competition held each year at the AAEA Annual Meeting. Those papers submitted are judged based on the written version and an oral presentation given at the meeting. The winning student receives $200.

Student Paper Competition Guidelines
Student Paper Competition Statement of Intent
Student Paper Competition Entry Form
SS‐AAEA Journal of Agricultural Economics Submission Form

Outstanding Chapter Competition

This competition gives chapters of SS-AAEA the chance to be recognized for their hard work over the past year. Each chapter is judged based on the goals/objectives of the chapter, membership recruitment, and the activities of the chapter. The winning chapter receives $200.

Outstanding Chapter Sample submission
Outstanding Chapter Application

Creative Club Competition

Those chapters of SS-AAEA that have done something special over the past year can enter into this competition. The chapters will be judged based on their account of a specific idea or project that was implemented. The winning chapter receives $200.

Creative Club Sample submission
Creative Club Application