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The SS-AAEA Journal of Agricultural Economics is an annual online publication of the Student Section of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association. The journal consists of agricultural economics articles written and submitted by undergraduate students to the annual AAEA undergraduate paper competition. However, papers may be submitted directly to the Journal if the student cannot attend the AAEA annual meetings. Papers of high quality are accepted into the journal for publication. The first article listed in each publication is the winning paper for that year, but all articles are deemed to be outstanding by the agricultural economics profession.

The Journal provides an excellent opportunity for students to list a professional publication on their resume. The articles are considered of peer-reviewed quality in that they are reviewed by established researchers and are deemed to address an important topic using appropriate scientific methodology.

Theoretical, empirical, and discussion papers are solicited. Students are highly encouraged to use the research methods taught in their undergraduate classes, and avoid sophisticated statistical methods they do not understand. Submissions using simple data analysis methods (e.g., comparing averages) will not be ranked lower than similar articles that use sophisticated methods like regression analysis and mathematical programming. As an example, students should not submit papers using models like logit models, unless logit models were covered significantly in their undergraduate program. They are free to use standard OLS regression for discrete data, and will not be penalized for doing so. Papers using mathematical methods that are clearly above the level of an undergraduate will not be accepted.

All research must be conducted under the supervision of an advisor at the student's institution. While advisors are welcome to provide the research idea, data, technical support and editing, most of the data analysis and writing must be performed by the student.

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