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2023 Track Sessions

  • Innovative course formats to enhance student learning
  • Inside-Out Teaching Academy: Choices Inside the Classroom and the Impact Out in the “Real World”
  • The Game of Games: The Pedagogy and Examples of Games to Teach Agribusiness Concepts
  • Teaching with Various Statistical Software
  • Creative Assignments in the Classroom (e.g., Social Media, Podcasts, Videos, Music, 3-D printing)
  • Teaching Tips from Award-winning Teachers

2022 Track Sessions

  • Contemporary Curriculum and Teaching Tools in Farm Management,  Joint with AEM
  • Developing material to enhance excel skills of economics and agbusiness majors,  Joint with AFM
  • Essential (Soft) Skills: The Demand Needs Supply,  Joint with AEM
  • How COVID changed our Classroom Experience,  Joint with GSS
  • Preparing Graduate Students to Teach,  Joint with  COSBAE
  • Tips for navigating your teaching career,  Joint with GSS

2021 Track Session

  • Early Career Success: Award Winning Advice,  Joint with GSS
  • Professional development for undergraduate and graduate agribusiness students: What skills are needed and how do we teach them?,  Joint with AEM
  • Teaching Approaches in a Time of Transition (Lightening Session),  Joint with GSS
  • Tips for navigating your teaching career from AAEA/USDA award winners,  Joint with GSS
  • Writing, Publishing, and Public Engagement,  Joint with GSS

2018 Track Sessions

  • The Future of Agribusiness Research, Teaching and Extension (Joint with AEM)
  • AAEA Teaching Tips from AAEA Winners (Joint with GSS)

2017 Track Sessions

  • Teaching Tips from AAEA Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Applying the Structure-Conduct-Performance Model to Your Teaching (Joint with LAS)
  • Professor's of Practice: Future Rock Stars or Worker Bees (Joint with NAAEA)

2016 Track Sessions

  • Study Abroad in Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Programs (Joint with LAS)
  • The use of real world business cases as teaching tools (Joint with SS-AAEA) 
  • Learning Objectives Compared to Actual Learning
  • Rejuvenating the Battered Exhausted Abused Teacher (BEAT) (Joint with SS-AAEA)
  • Teaching Tips from AAEA Winners (Joint with GSS)

2015 Track Sessions

  • High Impact Learning Activities in Agricultural Economics- What Works and What Doesn't (Joint with SS-AAEA)
  • Innovative Methods for Teaching Industry Skills to Students (Joint with AEM)
  • Integrated Learning Environments: Enhancing Discovery through Research and Engagement
  • Teaching Tips from AAEA Award Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Identifying Standards and Assessing Performance for Undergraduate Programs in Agricultural Business (Joint with SS-AAEA)

2014 Track Sessions

  • Teaching Tips from AAEA Award Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Classroom Experiments, Games, and Simulations: Examples, Resources, and Assessment (Joint with IBES)
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Creating a Global Campus through International Programs and Curriculum (Joint with AEM)
  • AEM and SS-AAEA present: Human Resources Insights from Leading Agribusiness
  • Identifying Standards and Assessing Performance for Undergraduate Programs in Agricultural Business (Joint with NAAEA)
  • Implementing Capstone Courses for Agribusiness Majors - Prescriptions, Practices and Possibilities (Joint with AEM)
  • Preparing our students for successful industry careers through active learning and extracurricular opportunities (Joint with AEM)

2013 Track Sessions

  • Increasing Information Literacy for Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Undergraduate
  • Industry Organizations and Agribusiness Programs (Joint with AEM)
  • Successes and Challenges of Transferring Teaching Data/Experiences Into Scholarly Outputs  (Joint with CWAE)
  • Graduate Advising Practices for Mutual Success of Students and Mentors (Joint with GSS)
  • Teaching Tips from AAEA Award Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • The Utility of Tablets and Technology in Teaching Agribusiness Courses (Joint with AEM)

2012 Track Sessions

  • Incorporating Technology in Teaching Applied Economics and Business
  • How to develop a successful undergraduate agricultural economics club (Joint with SS-AAEA)
  • Teaching Tips From Top Teachers: 2011 AAEA Award Recipients (including the 2012 Graduate Student Teaching Award recipient) (Joint with GSS)
  • Agribusiness Management National Benchmarks (Joint with NAAEA)

2011 Track Sessions

  • Teaching Tips from Top Teachers: 2010 AAEA Award Recipients
  • Managing Academic Dishonesty
  • Strategies for Successful Student Recruitment in Applied Economics
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics: Student Perceptions and Choice of Major