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2011 AAEA Annual Award Winners


Presidential Recognition Award for Special Service to the Association

  • Timothy Park, USDA-Economic Research Service, Ian Sheldon, The Ohio State University, and Tomislav Vukina, North Carolina State University

Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards

  • Steven Chambers, University of Wisconsin, "An Evaluation of Oregon’s Land-Use Planning System: Evidence from Remotely-Sensed Land Cover Data", Thesis Advisor: David Lewis
  • Honorable Mention: Marc Allison, Texas A&M University, "The Future of Biofuels: An Economic Analysis of the Design and Operation of a Microalgae Facility in Texas and the Southwestern United States", Thesis Advisor: James Richardson
  • Honorable Mention: Ana Fernandez , Michigan State University, "Wildlife Conservation in Zambia: Impact of Game Management Areas on Household Welfare", Thesis Advisor: David Tschirley

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Luisa Menapace, Iowa State University, "Geographical Indications and Quality Promotion in Food and Agricultural Markets: Domestic and International Issues", Thesis Advisor: GianCarlo Moschini
  • Honorable Mention: Sathya Gopalakrishnan, Duke University, "Shifting Shorelines: Combining Economics and Geomorphology in Beach Management", Thesis Advisor: Martin Smith
  • Honorable Mention: Hope Michelson , Cornell University, "Small Farmers and Big Retail: Trade-Offs and Dynamics of Supplying Supermarkets in Nicaragua", Thesis Advisor: Christopher Barrett

Distinguished Teaching Awards

  • Less Than Ten Years' Experience: W. Scott Downey, Purdue University
  • Undergraduate Teaching, Ten or More Years' Experience: Frank J. Dooley, Purdue University
  • Graduate Teaching, Ten or More Years' Experience: Stephen Devadoss, University of Idaho

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Awards

  • Individual, Less Than Ten Years' Experience: Corinne Alexander, Purdue University
  • Individual, Ten or More Years' Experience: H. Douglas Jose, University of Nebraska
  • Group: Jody Campiche, Michael Dicks, Rodney Jones, and Larry Sanders, Oklahoma State University

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

  • Craig Jagger, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Agriculture

Quality of Communication Award

  • Harry de Gorter and David Just, Cornell University, "The Social Costs and Benefits of Biofuels: The Intersection of Environmental, Energy and Agricultural Policy"
  • Honorable Mention: Julian Alston, University of California, Davis, Bruce Babcock, Iowa State University, and Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota, "The Shifting Patterns of Agricultural Production and Productivity Worldwide"

Quality of Research Discovery Award

  • Julian Alston, University of California, Davis, Matthew Andersen, University of Wyoming, Jennifer James, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota, "Persistence Pays: U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth and the Benefits from Public R&D Spending"
  • Honorable Mention: John Antle , Oregon State University, "Asymmetry, Partial Moments, and Production Risk"

Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • Marc Bellemare and Zachary Brown , Duke University, "On the (Mis)Use of Wealth as a Proxy for Risk Aversion"
  • Honorable Mention: Glenn Sheriff, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Daniel Osgood, Columbia University, "Disease Forecasts and Livestock Health Disclosure: A Shepherd's Dilemma"

Outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy Article Award

  • S. Niggol Seo, University of Sydney, "A Microeconometric Analysis of Adapting Portfolios to Climate Change: Adoption of Agricultural Systems in Latin America"

Outstanding Choices Article Award

  • David Zilberman and Steve Sexton, University of California, Berkeley, Michele Marra, North Carolina State University, and Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, USDA-Economic Research Service, "The Economic Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops"
  • Honorable Mention: Ben Senauer and Jon Seltzer , University of Minnesota, "The Changing Face of Food Retailing"
  • Honorable Mention: Sean Cash, University of Wisconsin and Christiane Schroeter, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, "Behavioral Economics: A New Heavyweight in Washington?"

Publication of Enduring Quality Award

  • Gerald C. Nelson, International Food Policy Research Institute and Daniel Hellerstein, USDA-Economic Research Service, "Do Roads Cause Deforestation? Using Satellite Images in Econometric Analysis of Land Use"

Chester O. McCorkle, Jr. Student Scholarship

  • John S. Roberts, University of Maryland

AAEA/AARES Young Professionals Exchange Program—Heading North Award Winner

  • Marit Kragt, University of Western Australia

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Competitions

Graduate Student Case Study Competition

  • First Place: Oklahoma State—Amanda Simpson, Lance Weaver, and Kalyn Neal
  • Second Place: Kansas State University—Brady Brewer, Brian Lauer, and Cooper Morris
  • Third Place: California Polytechnic State University—Brandon Banner, Garland Nell Jaeger, and Hayley Loehr
  • Fourth Place: Kansas State/University of Minnesota—Elizbeth Canales, Jim White, and Corey Risch

Graduate Student Extension Competition

  • First Place: Rebecca Goldbach, Colorado State University
  • Second Place: David Widmar, Purdue University
  • Third Place: Callie McAdams, Texas A&M University

Outstanding Undergraduate Paper Awards

  • First Place: Virginia Allison, University of Georgia
  • Second Place: Zeke Bryant, University of Georgia
  • Third Place: Sabrina Westra, University of Alberta

Academic Bowl Awards

  • First Place: University of Florida, Blue Team—Stephen Morgan, Johanna Wilkes, and Melissa McKendree
  • Second Place: University of Florida, Orange Team—Christopher Hogan, Perry Sweitzer, and Austin Gerber
  • Third Place: Texas A&M University, Maroon Team—Jessica Martini, Wilson Alarcon, and Jana Crook

Outstanding Chapter Award

  • Iowa State University, Advisors: William Edwards and Ron Deiter

Creative Club Award

  • Angelo State University, Advisors: Kris Ede, Corey Owens, and Sierra Howry