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J. Scott Shonkwiler

J. Scott Shonkwiler has over 30 years of continuous contributions as a talented agricultural economist, applied econometrician, insightful editor, informative referee, generous collaborator, and demanding teacher.

Shonkwiler grew up on farms in central Illinois and southwest Missouri. He went to the University of Missouri for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian Studies and a minor in Mathematics, graduating in 1972.  He completed a doctorate in Agricultural Economics there in 1979, as an advisee of Stan Johnson.

Shonkwiler began his work at the University of Florida by studying the markets for specialty crops and developing supply response models.  He was fortunate to be able to work with both G. S. Maddala and Henri Theil. 

In 1991, Shonkwiler joined the University of Nevada’s Agricultural Economics Department. He became interested in revealed preference methods for non-market valuation with particular attention to recreation demand modeling.

In addition to his contributions as a researcher, teacher, colleague and mentor, Shonkwiler has provided significant service to the profession: as an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and as Editor of the Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics.  Lastly, he served as the chairman of the Resource Economics Department at the University of Nevada from 2009 until its unfortunate dissolution in June, 2011.