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Elisabeth Sadoulet

Elisabeth Sadoulet has established herself in the international economic development profession through her contributions to research, teaching, and advice. Her research has been published in the AJAE and in top professional journals such as AER, EJ, OEP, JHR, JDE, EDCC, WD, and JEEM. She is listed among the top 1000 economists in terms of publications in IDEAS. She has been extensively engaged in advisory work and supportive research to international development agencies and national governments.

Over the years, Sadoulet has mentored a large number of students who are now holding key positions in academia, development organizations, and government, both domestically and internationally. Through her teaching and research supervision, she has created a large network of top professionals in development economics who are contributing to further academic research, teaching, and advice in a sustainable fashion. Indeed, it is not infrequent to meet second or third generation students who refer to her as the original source of excellence and inspiration, transmitted from teacher to student.