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IBES Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Competition

2016 IBES Student Paper Competition Winners

Best Paper Winner: Eliana Zeballos, University of California Davis, “Catching Up or Pulling Down? Experimental Evidence on Interpersonal Comparisons, Effort, and Destructive Actions Among Dairy Farmers in Bolivia”

Best Paper Winner: Nadia Streletskaya, Cornell University, “Social Presence and Shopping Behavior: Evidence from Video Data”

Best Paper Winner: Trey Malone, Oklahoma State University, “The Excessive Choice Effect Meets the Market: Experiments on Craft Beer Choice”

2015 IBES Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Anne Peschel, Aarhus University, "Reference Prices and Carry-over Effects Between Product Categories"

Second Place: Lindsey Novak, University of Minnesota, "The Closing of Mom-and-Pop Shops: A Result of Hyperbolic Discounting"

Third Place: Chenyi He, University of Florida, "Does Local Label Bias Consumer Taste Bud and Preference: Evidence of a Strawberry Sensory Experiment"

2014 IBES Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Brandon R. McFadden, Oklahoma State University, "Cognitive Biases in the Assimilation of Scientific Information on Global Warming and Genetically Modified Food" (with Jayson Lusk).

Second Place (tie): Pricilla Marimo, University of Exeter Business School, "Risk and Ambiguity Attitudes of Vocational College Students in Zimbabwe" (with Todd R. Kaplan).

Third Place: Jill Ann Fitzsimmons, University of Massachusetts, "Massachusetts Farm to Institution Program" (with Dan Lass).

2013 IBES Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Andrés Moya, University of California, Davis, “Violence, Mental Trauma and Induced Changes in Risk Attitudes Among the Displaced Population in Colombia.”

Second Place (tie): Hernán Bejarano, Penn State University, “Do Cab Drivers Charge for Congestion? A Traffic Field Experiment in Lima, Perú.”

Anand Murugesan, University of Maryland, “Betrothal Testing, Beliefs and Behavior: Effect of Testing rules on HIV Transmission.”

2012 IBES Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Ying "Jessica" Cao, Cornell University, “Incentive Mechanism, Loan Decision and Credit Rationing: a Randomized Field Experiment at Rural Credit Cooperatives in China.”

Second Place: Brenna Ellison, Oklahoma State University, “The Value and Cost of Restaurant Calorie Labels: Results from a Field Experiment.”

Third Place: Rachid Laajaj, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Closing the Eyes on a Gloomy Future: Psychological Causes and Economic Consequence”

IBES Track Sessions

Each year, IBES sponsors a number of Track Sessions at the AAEA Annual Meeting. You can learn more about these sessions on the AAEA Annual Meeting page of the IBES Web site.

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IBES Fellow Award

IBES will award one member with the award of IBES Fellow, based on a continuous contribution to the advancement of institutional and behavioral economics. IBES Fellow awards may not be selected every year. Nominations for Fellows are due on March 31.

For more information, please read the call for submissions for IBES Fellows.

2012 Fellow: Dr. Lindon Robison, Michigan State University