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2022 Track Sessions

  • Gender role in agricultural and economic decision making: An experimental and behavioral economic examination,  Joint with CWAE
  • Recent Innovations in Behavioral and Experimental Economics by Agricultural and Applied Economists ,  Joint with EXECON
  • Using Experimental Approaches to explore Consumer Choices and Responses to different Behavioral Stimuli ,  Joint with EXECON

2021 Track Sessions

  • 2021 Trends in Experimental and Behavioral Economics,  Joint with EXECON
  • Consumer preferences for alternative protein products,  Joint with FAMPS
  • Food choice and diet quality: what's time, price and demographics got to do with it?,  Joint with FSN
  • Measuring Risk and Consumer Preferences During COVID-19,  Joint with EXECON
  • Trends in Consumer Demand—Back to the 4 Ps in a Global Market,  Joint with FAMPS

2018 Track Sessions

  • On the role of advancements in experimental and behavioral economic methods (Joint with EXECON)
  • “Institutional Alertness” in Research, Teaching and Extension: In memory of A. Allan Schmid and David Schweikhardt (Joint with EXT)
  • Food Waste along the Supply Chain: Drivers and Market Implications (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Experimental auctions and other experimental stimuli in Agri-environmental Research: Methods and Policy Implications (Joint with EXECON)

2017 Track Sessions

  • Experimental Elicitation of Willingness to Accept: Methodological Issues and Novel Applications (Joint with EXECON)
  • Value Chain Organization and Implications for Agricultural Producers in Developing Countries (Joint with International)
  • Behavioral Insights from Environmental and Resource Economics and Resource Economics (Joint with Senior)
  • Using new technologies to advance behavioral and experimental economics (Joint with EXECON)

2016 Track Sessions

  • Behavioral Economic Insights in Agricultural Finance and Farm Asset Markets (Joint with AFM)
  • Using Behavioral Economic Experiments to Inform Government Risk Management Programs (Joint with EXECON)
  • How do you choose your food? Insights from behavioral economics (Joint with FSN)
  • Under the influence of others: Jealousy, risk-sharing, and learning (Joint with INTL)
  • Behavioral Economics and School Food Policy: Nudging Towards Better Choices (Joint with FSN)
  • Attention and Choice: Use of eye-tracking in choice behavior research (Joint with EXECON)

2015 Track Sessions

  • Investigating Decision Making: The inclusion of eye tracking in economic experiments (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Children's food choices throughout the day: Looking beyond the school lunchroom (Joint with FSN)
  • The Economics and Psychology of "Deep Capture"
  • IBES Section Business Meeting
  • Incorporating Ethics in Economic Analysis (Joint with Senior Section)
  • Advancing Behavioral Methods for Assessing Consumer Demand: Applications to Food Safety and Animal Welfare (Joint with FSN)

2014 Track Sessions

  • Behavioral Economics and Food Choice: Understanding the Environmental and Neurological Mechanisms That Influence Behavior
  • Behavioral Finance: Insurance, Loans, and Timing of Home Ownership
  • Classroom Experiments, Games, and Simulations: Examples, Resources, and Assessment (Joint with TLC)
  • To Nudge or Not to Nudge: When Does Food Policy Become Paternalism? (Joint with FSN)

2013 Track Sessions

  • Risk, Risk Perception and Behavior (Joint with ARA)
  • Shopping with SNAP: Economic and Behavioral Strategies to Encourage Healthier Food Purchases (Joint with FSN)
  • Deception in Economic Experiments: History, Benefit-Cost Analysis, and Recommendations
  • Behavioral Economics: What Every Policy Maker Should Know

2012 Track Sessions

  • Reputation and Organizational Legitimacy: Implications for Firms in the Global Agri-food and Fiber Supply Chain
  • Performance of Institutional Innovations to Address Multi-jurisdictional Water Management Problems
  • Publishing Strategies for IBES Research
  • Understanding the Multiple Impacts from Marketing Locally Grown Food, Food Products, and Agri-recreational Services

2011 Track Sessions

  • Measuring WTP for Animal Welfare in Agricultural Production: The Role of Information and Preference Treatment
  • Changing Institutions and Behaviors for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forestation Degradation (REDD)
  • An Institutional Economics Approach to Understanding Heirs' Property: Prevalence, Problems, and Recently Proposed Legal Reform
  • The Ethics and Economics of Agri-food Competition

2010 Track Sessions

  • A Common Nobel Legacy: Exploring the Intellectual Foundations and Future Implications of the Work of Oliver Williamson and Elinor Ostrom
  • Moving Beyond Self-Interest in Economic Choice: Further Tests of Social Capital and Dual Interests Theory
  • Advances in Transaction Cost Measurement for Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
  • Behavioral Economics Research Approaches: Innovative Applications in Nutrition and Food Safety (Jointly Sponsored with the FSN Section)
  • Alerting All Entrepreneurs! Research on Ethical Awareness and Entrepreneurial Behavior (Jointly Sponsored with the AEM Section)