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Track session presentations

Below are the presentations materials for previous track sessions at AAEA General Meetings. Presentations are generally available as powerpoint files (.ppt and .pptx) and handouts (in pdf format) are available for some of the presentations. Some presentations have been stripped of images in order to make them sufficiently small for download.

2022 Track Sessions

  • Exploring Careers in Academia, Industry, and Government, 
  • EXT-GSS Extension Competition Winners ,  Joint with EXT
  • How Covid changed our Classroom Experience,  Joint with TLC
  • Inside the Job Market,  Joint with CWAE
  • Promoting Mental Health, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,  Joint with CWAE
  • Tips for navigating your teaching career,  Joint with TLC

2021 Track Sessions

  • Early Career Success: Award Winning Advice,  Joint with TLC
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Presentations,  Joint with EXT
  • Grants in Applied Economics: Funding sources and the recipe for success,  Joint with CWAE
  • Navigating Stress, diversity and inclusion,  Joint with COSBAE
  • Sylvia Lane Mentees and Mentors Discussion about Formal Mentoring,  Joint with CWAE
  • Teaching Approaches in a Time of Transition (Lightening Session),  Joint with TLC
  • Tips for navigating your teaching career from AAEA/USDA award winners,  Joint with TLC
  • Writing, Publishing, and Public Engagement,  Joint with TLC

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