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2023 Track Sessions

  • Farm Financial Outlook
  • Rural Broadband: Availability, Speed, and Heterogeneous Impacts
  • Demystifying the WASDE Outlook Process
  • Farmland Price-Rent Surveys: Observations and Opportunities for Research-Based Outreach
  • Using Simulation Models in Farm Decision Making
  • Washington Policy Outlook
  • EXT-GSS Extension Competition Winners
  • Competitiveness in Seasonal and Perishable Produce Markets
  • Lessons learned in establishing new specialty crop markets

2022 Track Sessions

  • Agricultural risk management in the present and the future: Industry Perspectives,  Joint with ARA
  • Collaborating for Food System Resiliency,  Joint with AEM
  • Do Farmers and Communities Really Win from Farm to School Programs?,  Joint with FAMPS, SS
  • EXT-GSS Extension Competition Winners ,  Joint with GSS
  • Issues and Challenges with the Beef Supply Chain, 
  • Regional Rural Development Centers 50th Anniversary: The Past, Present, and Future of Building Rural Communities through Collaboration,  Joint with CRENET
  • Successful grantsmanship: integrating economics into interdisciplinary grant applications,  Joint with SCE
  • Washington Policy Outlook, 
  • Web-based Decision Tools for Conservation and Financial Management , 

2021 Track Sessions

  • Consumer Market Responses and Values in the Covid-Era “Implications for Produce Supply Chains" 
  • Crop Insurance: Balancing long and short run program concerns, Joint with ARA
  • Determinants of Beginning Farmer Profitability and Success, Joint with AFM
  • Farm Financial Outlook, Joint with AFM
  • Finding Our Slice of PIE:Where Does Public Issues Education Fit in Extension Today?, Joint with CRENET
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Presentations, Joint with GSS
  • Management experience and ownership factors influencing family farm entrepreneurial efforts, Joint with AEM
  • National Perspective of Critical Factors for Success and Risk Mitigation in Farms with Direct Sales and Agritouris, Joint with CRENET
  • Preparing Students and Extension Professionals to Address the Tough Issues, 
  • Washington Policy Outlook

2018 Track Sessions

  • Outlook for Livestock, Poultry and Dairy: Ongoing and Emerging Issues (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Washington Policy Outlook
  • Extension Section Lecture & Luncheon
  • Ongoing and Emerging Land Use Trade-offs Impacting Crop Outlook
  • Land Grant Universities and Rural Development: Are We Using All the Tools in Our Toolboxes? (Joint with CRENET)
  • "Institutional Alertness” in Research, Teaching and Extension: In memory of A. Allan Schmid and David Schweikhardt (Joint with IBES)
  • Tax Policy and Agriculture (Joint with AFM)
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Communicating Economics to Non-Economists Including Policy-makers, Non-governmental Organizations, and Media Organizations (Joint with GSS and C-FARE)
  • Farm Financial Performance and Investment

2017 Track Sessions

  • Washington Policy Update
  • Crop and Livestock Outlook
  • Extension's Response to Farm Financial Stress
  • Current Financial Conditions of Midwestern Farms
  • Risk Management Programs and the Next Farm Bill (Joint with ARA)
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • A Toolbox for Early-Career and Future Extension Educators (Joint with GSS)
  • Rural entrepreneurship in times of change (Joint with CRENET)

2016 Track Sessions

  • Washington Policy Update
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Not Your Grandparents' Farm Bill (or Does the U.S. Farm Bill Still Matter?) (Joint with Senior)
  • Building Management Capacity for American Indian Agricultural Businesses
  • Extension Educational Efforts and the 2014 Farm Bill
  • Extension Section Crops Outlook
  • Extension Section Livestock Outlook

2015 Track Sessions

  • Washington Policy Update by Chief Economists from the House and Senate Ag Committees
  • Nexus of the Local Food System, Small Farm Agriculture and the New Farm Legislation (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Protecting Agricultural Operations in Today's Legal Environment
  • The Implications of "Big Ag Data" for Agricultural Risk/Farm Management (Joint with Senior)
  • Extension Section Livestock Outlook
  • Crops Outlook
  • Prospects for GMOs and GMO Labeling (Joint with Senior)
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners (Joint with GSS)

2014 Track Sessions

  • Washington Policy Update by Chief Economists from the House and Senate Ag Committees
  • Hydraulic Fracturing of Tight Formations to Produce Oil and Gas Creates New Competition for Resources: Balancing the Interests of Production Companies with Those of Agricultural and Other Resource Users
  • Crop Insurance and Implementation of the Farm Bill
  • Livestock Outlook
  • Three Case Studies on Innovative Risk Management Extension Programing (Joint with ARA)
  • Farm Program and Insurance Choices: A Real Time Risk Decision Aid (Joint with ARA)
  • Graduate Student Extension Competition Winners (Joint with GSS)
  • Crop Outlook

2013 Track Sessions

  • Washington Policy Update from Economist from the House and Senate Agriculture Committees
  • Grain Outlook
  • Economic Implications and Policy Responses to Climate Change (Joint with Senior Section)
  • Livestock Outlook and Industry Issues
  • Peer Advisory Groups for Agricultural Producers
  • Risk Modeling for Extension Economists

Past Annual Meeting Presentations (2003-2012)