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Track Sessions

2012 Track Sessions - Seattle, WA

  • Foreign direct Investment and Agricultural Trade in Africa
  • Radically Rethinking Agriculture in the Caribbean
  • Skills for Enhancing Rural/Limited Resource Enterprise Development

2011 Track Sessions - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Globalization and Agriculture in African Economies
  • The Role of Agricultural Economics in Food Safety Standard Development, Education, and Evaluation
  • Strategies for Successful Student Recruitment in Applied Economics (Joint with TLC)
  • Crop Insurance and Farm Programs (Joint with Extension)

2010 Track Sessions - Denver, CO

  • Agricultural Development Challenges: Lessons from Africa and the Caribbean
  • Where do Agricultural Economists Fit in the Local Food Movement?
  • Emerging and Current Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology (Joint Session with CWAE)
  • Examining the Effects of Trade Policies Applied to Horticultural Markets (Joint Session with FAMPS)

2009 Track Sessions - Milwaukee, WI

  • Managing Complexities in the Biofuels Industry
  • Food Security for Caribbean States
  • Globalization, Policy, and Agricultural trade: A Focus on Intra-OECD Trade and OECD Trade with Emerging Markets

2006 Events

AAEA Annual Meeting - Long Beach, CA
Organized Symposium (PDF)
Southern AgBiotech Consortium for Underserved Communities (PDF)
COSBAE Presentation (PDF)

Southern Rural Sociological Association Meeting
Organized Symposium (PDF)

Public and Private Sector Collaboration: Southern Region Risk Management Education Center
Organized Symposium (PDF)

2005 Events

AAEA Annual Meeting - Providence, RI
Scheduled Activities (PDF)
COSBAE/CWAE Luncheon Program (PDF)
COSBAE/CWAE Luncheon Presentation by Clifton Wharton Jr. (PDF)
OBAE Award (PDF)

COSBAE Workshop
2005 Workshop Preliminary Program (PDF)
2005 Workshop Agenda (PDF)

SAEA Conference
Symposium (PDF)

2004 Events

AAEA Annual Meeting - Denver, CO
Organized Symposium (PDF)
Poster (PDF)
Poster Supplement (PDF)


Summer 1998 (PDF)
Summer 1997 (PDF)
Winter/Spring 1993 (PDF)
Winter/Spring 1992 (PDF)
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Summer 1990 (PDF)
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