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2022 Track Sessions

  • Examining Grant and Funding Disparities Between 1862, 1890, and Minority Serving Institutions  
  • Preparing Graduate Students to Teach,  Joint with TLC
  • Spatial and idiosyncratic factors underlying rural household resilience and the role of social protection systems,  Joint with AFRICA
  • The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) – Considerations for Lowering Non-Tariff Measures and Adopting Climate Change Adaptation Strategies,  Joint with AFRICA
  • The Economics of Food Safety in sub-Saharan Africa: Market Incentives, and the Scope for Public and Private Sector Action,  Joint with AFRICA

2021 Track Sessions

  • COSBAE-CWAE Mentoring Initiatives Research Presentations,  Joint with CWAE
  • Disparities in Federal Support for U.S. Agriculture: A Perspective on Race, 
  • Ensuring Diverse Representation among Graduates, Faculty and at Federal Agencies,  Joint with CRENET
  • Food Security, Agricultural Productivity and Trade in Africa,  Joint with AFRICA
  • Navigating Stress, diversity and inclusion,  Joint with GSS

2018 Track Sessions

  • Outlook for Livestock, Poultry and Dairy: Ongoing and Emerging Issues (Joint with EXT)
  • Competitiveness of Low-Income Agricultural Exporting Countries (Joint with INTL)
  • Navigating Negotiations for Professional Success & Personal Fulfillment (Joint with CWAE)
  • Analysis of Agricultural Policies in the Caribbean – Evidence, Trends, and Perspectives (Joint with LAS)

2017 Track Sessions

  • Who Is Food (In)secure in the U.S.? Explaining Differences across Households (Joint with Africa)
  • Strategies for Writing Productivity and Publishing Success (Joint with CWAE)
  • Food Prices and Price Volatility in Africa South of the Sahara (Joint with Africa)
  • Agricultural Trade Policies beyond the WTO Pillars: A Focus on Key Sectors and Countries (Joint with CWAE)