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Past Track Sessions

2014 Track Sessions

  • Agribusiness Data: Where Do We Get It? What Are The Questions We Should Be Answering? And What Big Data Means for Our Research
  • The Development of the US Brewing Industry (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Creating a Global Campus through International Programs and Curriculum (Joint with TLC)
  • Human Resources Insights from Leading Agribusiness (Joint with SS-AAEA)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Entry: Factors Affecting New Venture Success in the Agri-Food Sector (Joint with AFM)
  • Implementing Capstone Courses for Agribusiness Majors - Prescriptions, Practices and Possibilities (Joint with TLC)
  • Preparing our students for successful industry careers through active learning and extracurricular opportunities (Joint with TLC)

2013 Track Sessions

  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing in the Wine Industry Industry (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Industry Organizations and Agribusiness Programs (Joint with TLC)
  • Working with Larger Producers: Strategies of Agribusiness Input Suppliers
  • Agri-food Sustainability and the Role of Multi-Stakeholder Engagements
  • Food demand and dietary patterns:the role of income, health, geography, and other sociodemographic factors (Joint with COSBAE)
  • The Utility of Tablets and Technology in Teaching Agribusiness Courses (Joint with TLC)

2012 Track Sessions

  • Social Media and Firm Response to Information in the Supply Chain
  • Structural Changes in the Agri-food System and the Future of Cooperatives
  • Using Surveys to Establish a Successful Research Agenda (Joint with GSS)
  • Reputation and Organizational Legitimacy: Implications for Firms in the Global Agri-food and Fiber Supply Chain (Joint with IBES)
  • Alliances in the Small and in the Large: Formation and Performance

2011 Track Sessions

  • Agri-food Sustainability and its Relationship to Firm Strategy and Performance
  • The Scientific Pluralism of Agribusiness
  • Expectations, Perceptions and Requirements for Academic Tenure (Joint with GSS)
  • The Ethics and Economics of Agrifood Competition (Joint with IBES)
  • Human Capital:  Competing on Capabilities in Agriculture (Joint with Senior Section)
  • Intellectual Property Rights, New Plant Varieties, and Innovation in Agricultural markets (Joint with FAMPS)

2010 Track Sessions   

  • New Advances in Coorperative Life Cycle Framework
  • The Nascent Bioeconomy for Industrial Markets: Green Goes from Plant Material to Spandex
  • Continuing the Tradition: Employing Tested and Emerging Economic Tools in Framing Sustainability Challenges for a Global Economy (Joint Session with CWAE)
  • Performance Implications of Sustainability Initiatives in Agri-Food Companies (Joint Session with CWAE)
  • How Health is Changing the Dynamics of Food Innovation (Joint Session with FSN)
  • Alerting All Entrepreneurs! Research on Ethical Awareness and Entrepreneurial Behavior (Joint Session with IBES)
  • International Agribusiness Task Force Report (Joint Session with WAEA)
  • Current Agribusiness Policy Issues (Joint Session with WAEA)
  • Agribusiness, Economics, and Management: 100 Years of Professional Contributions

2009 Track Sessions

  • Information Effects on Consumer Food Choices: Implications for Food Industry Managers and Public Policy
  • Pricing Promotions in the Supermarket Channel
  • Agriculture in Transition: The Impacts of a World Financial Crisis and other Policy Changes
  • The Entrepreneurial Discovery of Agricultural Market Opportunities
  • Delivering Sustainability

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