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Each year, the AEM Section participates in a number of activities at the AAEA Annual Meeting including presenting Track Sessions and co-sponsoring the Graduate Student Case Study Competition.

2018 AEM Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • The Future of Agribusiness Research, Teaching and Extension (Joint with TLC)
  • How Cooperatives Create Value and Differential Economic Impact (Joint with AFM)
  • Current Topics in Food and Specialty Crop Risk Management
  • Recent Topics on Food Retail (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Theory and empirical evidences on the welfare implications of agrifood value chain transformation (Joint with Econometrics)
  • The Role of Trust in the Food and Agribusiness Value Chain

2017 AEM Section Track Sessions

  • Agribusiness Theory and Research
  • Attracting and Retaining Generation Y in the Agribusiness Industry
  • Management in Tomorrow's Digital Agriculture (Joint with AFM)
  • U.S. Distillers' Grains Industry Analysis (Joint with AFM)
  • Food Fraud: Economic Analysis of Fraud in Supply Chains and Consumer Behavior Implications (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Analysis of Organic Supply Chains at the Retail, Production and Trade Levels (Joint with FAMPS)

2016 AEM Section Track Sessions

  • Agribusiness Research Methods (Joint with Econometrics)
  • Regulatory Costs in California Agriculture (Joint with Senior)
  • Soybean Expansion in the Tropics (Joint with LAS)
  • U.S. Agribusiness Exporters to China: Challenges and Success Stories (Joint with China)
  • Are Online Food Sales Ready to Go Mainstream? Developments in Ecommerce
  • Economics of Animal Health

2015 AEM Track Sessions

  • Emerging Trends in Local Food Marketing: Future Research and Outreach Perspectives
  • Economics of Food Losses and Waste: What are the right questions? (Joint with International)
  • Innovative Methods for Teaching Industry Skills to Students (Joint with TLC)
  • Keys to Responding Successfully to Funding Opportunities for Economics:  Look, Read, Respond (Joint with Senior Section)
  • Whither "Agriculture of the Middle"
  • Assessing the Status of Global Dairy Trade (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Understanding the Role of Performance Management in Food and Agribusiness Firms

Past Track Sessions

Graduate Student Case Study Competition

AEM co-sponsors the AEM/GSS Case Study Competition which provides an opportunity for Graduate Students to test their communication skills as well as their ability to apply their knowledge of agricultural economics and agribusiness subjects to practical situations.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three finishing teams.

Click here to view a historical list of the Case Study Competition winners.