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2023 Track Sessions

  • Assessing the land use change consequence of land-based activities and policies
  • Natural Capital Accounts and Environmental Economic Statistics
  • New frontiers in the management and value of water for irrigation
  • Old meets new - using conservation programs to achieve climate goals
  • Experiments examining consumer and producer behavior in response to emerging environmental and health concerns
  • The impact of climate change on global agriculture: recent evidence from three methodological approaches
  • Water Policy for a Warming Planet

2022 Track Sessions

  • A Missing Link: Estimation and specification of groundwater demand for policy analysis,  Joint with AERE
  • Auctions for Procuring Environmental Benefits – Experimental Evidence from the Lab ,  Joint with AERE
  • Behavioral Experiments with Agricultural Producers,  Joint with EXECON
  • Behavioral insights for climate change policy: evidence from lab and field experiments,  Joint with AERE
  • Cost and Risk Burdens of Sustainability Across the Vertical Marketing Chain ,  Joint with ARA
  • Current Opportunities and Future Prospects of Carbon Markets in Agriculture and the Environment ,  Joint with SENIOR
  • Factors affecting Preferences for the Adoption of Conservation Practices in Agriculture,  Joint with AERE
  • Food Insecurity and Alternatives for Adaptation ,  Joint with CWAE
  • The Costs of Salinity for Agricultural Production and Policy Implications, 

2021 Track Sessions

  • Advancing the Frontier of Non-Use Benefit Estimation for Streams, Lakes, Rivers, and Coastal Waters: Findings from Coordinated Studies Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ,  Joint with AERE
  • Adverse Consequences of the Energy Sector on the Environment, Health, and Social Equity,  Joint with AERE
  • Biofuel Supply, Renewable Fuels Policy, and Agricultural Markets, 
  • COVID-19, Promotion, and Tenure,  Joint with CWAE
  • Field experiments in Agriculture and the Environment,  Joint with EXECON
  • GHG emissions from Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use: Impact, mitigation strategies, incentives, and regulation,  Joint with AERE
  • Persistence of Behavioral Changes in the Environmental Context,  Joint with AERE
  • The Role of Program Design in Valuing Ecosystem Services

2020 Track Sessions

  • The Role of Economic Theory in Empirical Analysis
  • Reforming" Cost-Benefit Analysis for Regulation: What are the Consequences?
  • Understanding adoption of innovations and behavior change to improve agricultural policy
  • Recent advances in regional and global GIS modeling to determine land-use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recent Developments in Sustainable Environmental Management
  • The Role of Weather Variability and Climate Change on Risk Management and Insurance
  • The Evolution of the U.S. Beekeeping Industry – The Shift from Producing Honey to Providing Pollination Services amid Elevated Colony Loss
  • Soil health and farmer decisions
  • Communicating Research to Support Public Trust in Science and Evidence-based Policy
  • Innovations in teaching environmental and resource economics

2018 Track Sessions

  • Lab-in-the-field experiments identify approaches to motivate producer and consumer decisions that generate private benefits and environmental public goods (Joint with EXECON)
  • Design of agri-environmental programs: Insights from behavioral & experimental economics (Joint with CWAE)
  • Contemporary Guidance for Benefit Transfers
  • Meta-Analysis in Environmental Economics: Advancing the Frontier
  • Robust Econometric Modeling of Environmental Effects in Economics (Joint with Econometrics)
  • Coastal Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change: Current Applications and Future Directions
  • From Global to Local: Linking Global Drivers to Local Sustainability Stresses (Joint with INTL)

2017 Track Sessions

  • Where are we and where are we headed on Ecosystem Service Valuation?
  • Climate Data and Climate Change Impacts
  • Reassessment of the Effectiveness of the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Behavioral Economics Applications to Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Water Quality Degradation and Market-Based Solutions

2016 Track Sessions

  • Effectiveness of the Clean Power Plan in the United States
  • Environmental Effects of Shale Gas Fracking
  • Climate Risk and Uncertainty
  • Market and Public Policy Response to Pollinator Losses

2015 Track Sessions

  • Tradable Permits
  • Challenges in Non-Market Valuation and Techniques to Address Them
  • Natural Hazard Adaptation, Resilience and Green Infrastructure
  • Agricultural Conservation and Land Use Change: Experimental and econometric investigations of behavior and policy

2014 Business Meeting minutes