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The IBES section recognizes that human nature involves complex motives and influences, such as self-interest; shared-interest; ethical and moral considerations; sentiments; and social/emotional dimensions of individual economic actions.

The IBES section seeks to:

  • Encourage robust empirical tests of theories of human behavior.
  • Provide validation and support for those who may wish to explore alternatives to orthodox theories, especially for new entrants into the profession.
  • Broaden horizons, theories and approaches currently brought to the AAEA, and to the national discourse on agricultural, food, community and resource issues.
  • Encourage AAEA members to explore and develop new tools of analysis and methodologies consistent with alternative theories that reflect the complexity of human nature and institutions.
  • Expand the capacity for interdisciplinary work and dialogue with other social sciences.


Membership in IBES is open to all current AAEA members. Membership in IBES is $10 per year for all non-students. Students may join IBES for Free. You can learn more about joining AAEA by visiting the AAEA membership page. If you are already a member of AAEA and would like to join IBES, you can do so by completing this form (PDF) or by logging in to the My Account section and completing the Online Section Form.