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2018-2019 FAMPS Executive Committee Members

Chair: Christiane Schroeter, Cal Poly State University
Chair-Elect:  Marco Costanigro, Colorado State University
Past Chair: Alessandro Bonanno, Colorado State University
Secretary/Treasurer: Zhifeng Gao, University of Florida
Member at Large: Sean Cash, Tufts University

Appointed Members:

Neil Conklin, Farm Foundation
Janet Perry, USDA-ERS
Warren Preston, USDA-AMS
Thomas Stafford, USDA-RBCDS

Previous FAMPS Chairs

2016-2017: Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont
2015-2016: Joshua Berning, University of Georgia
2014-2015: Dustin Pendell, Colorado State University
2013-2014: Brad Rickard, Cornell University
2012-2013: Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
2011-2012: Jill McCluskey, Washington State University
2010-2011: Joe Balagtas, Purdue University
2009-2010: Christiane Schroeter, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2008-2009: Joe Parcell, University of Missouri
2007-2008: Jim MacDonald, USDA-ERS
2006-2007: Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University
2005-2006: Darren Hudson, Texas Tech University