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New for 2024 FAMPS Section Poster Competition

FAMPS Section will host an inaugural poster session at the 2024 Annual Meeting.  The objective of the poster session is to provide a forum for researchers, particularly graduate students and early-career faculty, to be recognized for innovative and high-quality research in poster sessions.  This recognition and networking opportunity could be helpful to some researchers at the beginning stages of their career.

The details for the poster session are the following:

  • FAMPS will provide two awards:
    • a $250 prize for the best poster in which the lead author is a graduate student
    • a $250 prize for the best poster in which the lead author has a doctorate degree
  • Requirements:  The lead author for each submission must be a FAMPS member and must register and attend the 2024 AAEA Annual Meeting in-person.
  • Judging:  FAMPS leadership will have three researchers to judge the competition during the poster session on Monday from 4:15-5:30 PM.
  • Logistics:  Posters accepted in the FAMPS competition will have a symbol on their poster board.  The names of the poster winners will be announced during Awards Ceremony on Monday night.  Winners will need to stop by the Registration Desk on Tuesday morning to provide mailing address information for the checks.

Please contact with any questions.

2023 Track Sessions

  • Challenging Dynamics for Agricultural Transportation
  • Trends in fruit and vegetable demand and implications for prices, marketing, and agribusiness
  • Exploring the Effects of Taxes and Labeling on Food and Beverage Purchases
  • SNAP Household Food Choices: Evidence Using Scanner Data
  • Food Prices in Federal Nutrition Assistance Programs
  • Consumer attitudes toward state-grown promotion program: marketing implications and prospects.
  • Demand and Supply Distortions, Environmental Challenges & Adaptation of New Technologies in the Dairy Sector
  • Alternative agri-food products to tackle climate change

2022 Track Sessions

  • Advancements in Food Marketing and Policy through Agricultural Economics Experiments,  Joint with EXECON
  • Agribusiness Sector Concentration and Competition Policy,  Joint with SENIOR
  • Do Farmers and Communities Really Win from Farm to School Programs?,  Joint with EXT, SS
  • Dollar store expansion and implications for food policy: A panel discussion with project investigators on USDA-sponsored projects, 
  • Intended and Unintended Effects of Food Assistance Programs,  Joint with FSN
  • International comparisons of food consumption changes and strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic ,  Joint with INT, SENIOR
  • Labeling Initiatives and Public Policy,  Joint with FSN
  • Markets for Specialty Crops: Consumer Response to New Technologies and COVID Disruptions,  Joint with SCE
  • New developments in Agri-food E-commerce Studies: Conceptual Frameworks and Applications of Big Data,  Joint with ECON

2021 Track Sessions

  • Consumer preferences for alternative protein products, Joint with IBES
  • Critical Research Questions in Emerging Cannabis Markets, 
  • Innovations in Specialty Crop Marketing and Distribution, Joint with SCE
  • Investigating the Concept of Resilience, Joint with HES
  • Strategies for Success in Modern Food Value Chains in Latin America, Joint with LAS
  • Trends in Consumer Demand: Back to the 4 Ps in a Global Market, Joint with IBES

2018 Track Sessions

  • Economics of Information in Modern Food Markets (Joint with GSS)
  • Using Retail and Household Panel Scanner Data in Research (Joint with GSS)
  • Do Consumers Experience Information Overload? Bundled, Attraction, and Mandatory Labeling Effects on Consumer Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Food (Joint with EXECON)
  • Food Waste along the Supply Chain: Drivers and Market Implications (Joint with IBES)
  • The potential effect of regulatory and voluntary changes in the food supply to improve diet quality (Joint with FSN)
  • Recent Topics on Food Retail (Joint with AEM)
  • Using Data to Inform Health and Nutrition Policy (Joint with FSN)
  • Economics of Dietary Choices – Measurement issues (Joint with FSN)

2017 Track Sessions

  • Industry Readiness for the Food Safety Modernization Act: Results from Three Food Safety Surveys (Joint with SCE)
  • Marketing Policy Implications of Food: Consumer behavior and labeling policy from different perspectives (Joint with FSN)
  • Food Waste in the United States: Historical Perspectives, Theory, and Empirical Evidence (Joint with FSN)
  • Using Retail and Household Panel Scanner Data in Research
  • Food Fraud: Economic Analysis of Fraud in Supply Chains and Consumer Behavior Implications (Joint with AEM)
  • Analysis of Organic Supply Chains at the Retail, Production and Trade Levels (Joint with AEM)
  • The Hard, Thin Line between Analysis and Advocacy (Joint with Senior)

2016 Track Sessions

  • What's in a Label?  The Research, Politics and Policy of Genetically Modified Products Labeling in the U.S. (Joint with FSN)
  • Scanner Data and Nutrition Links: Early Findings and Future Research Directions (Joint with FSN)
  • Marketing sustainability: Consumer interest in sustainability and health attributes on food and beverage products (Joint with FSN)
  • Are Checkoff Programs Good for Nutrition?
  • Does Food Safety Regulation Pay? (Joint with FSN)

2015 Track Sessions

  • Investigating Decision Making: The inclusion of eye tracking in economic experiments (Joint with IBES)
  • Including Subjective Beliefs in Empirical Models of Choice and Preferences: Methodological and Food Policy Implications (Joint with FSN)
  • Analyzing Food Choices: The Effects of Social Networks, Nutrition Facts in Lunchrooms and Cognitive Abilities (Joint with FSN)
  • Food Safety as a Global Public Good:  Recent Advances in Strengthening the Foundation for More Effective Food Safety Management Around the World (Joint with FSN)

2014 Track Sessions

  • Consumer Labeling Issues (Joint with FSN)
  • Food Quality and Trade (Joint with International)
  • The Development of the US Brewing Industry (Joint with AEM)
  • Global Trends in Marketing and Demand of Meat and Dairy Products (Joint with FSN)

2013 Track Sessions

  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing in the Wine Industry (Joint with AEM)
  • Is it Healthier, Tastier, and Who Buys it?…– Current Issues Surrounding Organic Food Production and Consumption
  • Value-added through Food Processing: Price, Time, and Nutrition Trade-offs (Joint with FSN)

2012 Track Sessions

  • Food Marketing and Nutrition (Co-sponsored with FSN)
  • Wine Marketing and Policy (Co-sponsored with Extension)
  • Labeling, Regulation, and Food Demand (Co-sponsored with FSN)
  • Value Added Meat Marketing Around the Globe: International Insights on Safety, Health, and Convenience

Previous FAMPS Activities

FAMPS sponsored a number of activities at previous AAEA meetings. These activities are described in the documents available at the  Archive Page.