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2023 Track Sessions

  • Access to Lending and Finance in Rural America
  • Rural Broadband: Availability, Speed, and Heterogeneous Impacts
  • Best Practices in Policy Communication
  • The Structure and Resiliency of Rural Healthcare and Labor Markets: Interdependence, Adaptations, and Emerging Economic Potential

2022 Track Sessions

  • Heterogeneous Impacts of Rural Broadband and Broadband Programs,  Joint with SENIOR
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Analysis at the industry, lender and entity levels,  Joint with AFM
  • Regional Rural Development Centers 50th Anniversary: The Past, Present, and Future of Building Rural Communities through Collaboration,  Joint with EXT
  • Rural Health Care Availability: Impacts on communities, economies, and health outcomes,  Joint with HES

2021 Track Sessions

  • Digital Access and Fluency in Rural America: Lessons from COVID-19,  Joint with Senior
  • Ensuring Diverse Representation among Graduates, Faculty and at Federal Agencies,  Joint with COSBAE
  • Finding Our Slice of PIE:Where Does Public Issues Education Fit in Extension Today?,  Joint with EXT
  • National Perspective of Critical Factors for Success and Risk Mitigation in Farms with Direct Sales and Agritouris,  Joint with EXT

2018 Track Sessions

  • Agricultural Labor Force, Immigration Policy, and Rural Development (Joint with Senior)
  • Land Grant Universities and Rural Development: Are We Using All the Tools in Our Toolboxes? (Joint with EXT)
  • The Impact of Food System Transformations on Community Development (Joint with FSN)
  • Implications for Agricultural Economists of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2017 (HR 4174) (Joint with Senior)
  • Agricultural Economists Engaging our Communities (Joint with CWAE)

2017 Track Sessions

  • The Colombian Peace Process and Economic Development (Joint with LAS)
  • Measuring Economic Linkage (Joint with Senior)
  • Measuring Wealth for Developing and Evaluating Rural Development Policy and Strategy 3.0 (Joint with Senior)
  • Innovative approaches to rural community economic development
  • Rural entrepreneurship in times of change (Joint with EXT)

2016 Track Sessions

  • How Regional Economics Has Changed and What We Learned
  • Towards understanding small farm profitability: impacts of market channel selection (Joint with Senior)
  • Transformations in Food Systems: Opportunities and Challenges for Alternative Food Systems (Joint with China)
  • Measuring Wealth for Developing and Evaluating Rural Development Policy and Strategy 2.0

2015 Track Sessions

  • Measuring Wealth for Developing and Evaluating Rural Development Policy and Strategy (Joint with Senior Section)
  • Enhancing the Applied Knowledge of Local Food System's Economic Impacts: A National Research and Training Effort

2014 Track Sessions

  • Role of Credit in Economic Performance of Rural Areas (Joint with AFM)
  • Income Inequality in the United States: Measures, Causes, Effects, and Possible Remedies (Joint with Senior)
  • Leveraging federal data sources: The case of local food assessments

Past Track Sessions