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2015 AAEA Annual Award Winners

2015 Fellows

Undergraduate Student Section Awards

Academic Bowl

  • First Place: Purdue University (1), Elizabeth Blinn, Andrew Johnson, Jason Kiao
  • Second Place: University of Kentucky (1), Olivia Cline, Jason Simon, Nathanial Trull
  • Third Place: University of Idaho, Abby Biedenbach, Travis Chase, Brett Wilder

Outstanding Paper Competition

  • First Place: Neil Gerstein, Iowa State University, “Food Security, Labor Efficiency, and Technology”
  • Second Place: Emilie Zentner, University of Alberta, “Rice Biotechnology: Helping or Hurting Farmers in the Philippines?”
  • Third Place: Nathanial Trull, University of Kentucky, “Public Support for Growth and Funding in Built Environments: Case of an Arboretum”

Outstanding Chapter Award: Iowa State University, Advisor: Georgeanne Artz

Creative Club Award: Iowa State University, Advisor: Georgeanne Artz

Graduate Student Section Awards

AEM/Graduate Student Case Study Competition

  • First Place: Kansas State University, Ana Claudia Sant’Anna, Emrah Er, Sandra Contreras, Advisor: Aleksan Shanoyan
  • Second Place: University of Minnesota, William Secor, Erik Hanson, Advisor: Mike Boland
  • Third Place: University of Georgia, Sarah Brown, Leighton Lister, Advisor: Josh Berning

Graduate Student Extension Competition

  • First Place: Luis Peña-Levano, Purdue University, Mentor: Cesar Escalante
  • Second Place: Molly Van Dop, Purdue University, Mentor: Ben Gramig
  • Third Place: Misti Sharp, Colorado State University, Mentor: Dana Hoag

AAEA Annual Awards

Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

  • Andrew Mollica, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Economic Growth and Income Inequality on American Indian Reservations”
  • Anna Scofield, University of Wyoming, “The Impacts of Residential Development Pattern on Wildland Fire Suppression Expenditures”

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Anil Bhargava, University of California, Davis, “Agriculture, Poverty, and Natural Resource Conservation in 21st Century India: Impact Evaluation and Analysis of Rural Development Policy”
  • Travis Smith, University of Minnesota, “Distributional Analyses on Diet Quality in the United States”

Honorable Mention: Patricia Yanez-Pagans, University of Wisconsin- Madison, “Three Essays in Development and Environmental Economics”

Distinguished Teaching Awards

  • Less than Ten Years’ Experience , Nicholas Paulson, University of Illinois
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience, W. Marshall Frasier, Colorado State University
  • Graduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience, Richard Sexton, University of California, Davis

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Awards

  • Individual: Less than Ten Years’ Experience, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University
  • Individual: Ten or More Years’ Experience, Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M University
  • Group, DMaP (Dairy Markets & Policy), Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University; Marin Bozic, University of Minnesota; Brian Gould, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Newton, University of Illinois; Charles Nicholson, The Pennsylvania State University; Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Cameron Thraen, The Ohio State University; and Christopher Wolf, Michigan State University

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

  • Bruce Babcock & Sebastian Pouliot, Iowa State University

Quality of Communication Award

  • Geoffrey Barrows, University of California, Berkeley; Steven Sexton, North Carolina State University; and David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley, “Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops”
  • J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis; and Mateusz Filipski, International Food Policy Research Institute, “Beyond Experiments in Development Economics: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Colin Carter, University of California, Davis; Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Maximilian Auffhammer, University of California, Berkeley; Alan Olmstead, University of California, Davis; Paul Rhode, University of Michigan; Richard Howitt, University of California, Davis; David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley and Scott Kaplan, University of California, Berkeley, “Climate Change: Challenges to California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources”
  • David Zetland, Leiden University College, “Living with Water Scarcity”

Publication of Enduring Quality Award

  • Julian Alston, University of California, Davis; George Norton; Virginia Tech; and Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota, “Science under Scarcity: Principles and Practice for Agricultural Research Evaluation and Priority Setting”

Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • Nathan Hendricks, Kansas State University; Aaron Smith, University of California, Davis; and Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis, “Crop Supply Dynamics and the Illusion of Partial Adjustment”, AJAE. (2014): 96 (5): 1469-1491

Honorable Mention: Sathya Gopalakrishnan, The Ohio State University; and H. Allen Klaiber, The Ohio State University, “Is the Shale Energy Boom a Bust for Nearby Residents? Evidence from Housing Values in Pennsylvania”, AJAE. 96.1 (2014): 43-66

Outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy Article Award

  • Andrea Guariso, KU Leuven; Mara Squicciarini, KU Leuven; and Johan Swinnen, KU Leuven, “Food Price Shocks and the Political Economy of Global Agricultural and Development Policy”, AEPP. (2014) 36 (3): 387-415

Outstanding Choices Article

  • Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota; Jason Beddow, University of Minnesota; and Steven Buccola, Oregon State University, “Losing the Plot? Agricultural Research Policy and the 2014 Farm Bill” Choices (2014) 29 (3rd Quarter)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Erik Lichtenberg, University of Maryland, “Conservation, the Farm Bill, and U.S. Agri- Environmental Policy” Choices (2014) 29 (3rd Quarter)
  • Brian Wright, University of California, Berkeley, “Multiple Peril Crop Insurance” Choices (2014) 29 (3rd Quarter)

Presidential Recognition Award for Special Service to the Association: Mary Ahearn, Choices Editor


Chester O. McCorkle Jr. Student Scholarship

  • Andrew Stevens, University of California, Berkeley

Luther G. Tweeten Scholarship

  • Sylvan Herskowitz, University of California, Berkeley

Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship

  • Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Rajib Sutradhar, Jawaharlal Nehru University

AARES-AAEA Young Professional Exchange Program

Heading North Award

  • Sayed Iftekhar, University of Western Australia

Heading South Award

  • Kate Fuller, Montana State University

Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship

  • Mousumi Das, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

LILMI Travel Grants

  • Ahsanuzzaman Ahsanuzzaman, North South University
  • Annet Adong, Makere University
  • Kiran Patil, University of Agricultural Sciences
  • P Venkatesh, Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  • Kennedy Otieno Pambo, University of Nairobi
  • Solomie Gebrezgabher, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • Yemisi Lawal,