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2014 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Award Ceremony photos can be viewed and downloaded at after logging into a Facebook account.

2014 Fellows

  • B. Wade Brorsen, Oklahoma State University
  • Robert P. King, University of Minnesota
  • John Loomis, Colorado State University
  • Thomas Reardon, Michigan State University

Presidential Recognition Award for Special Service to the Association

  • Kynda Curtis, Utah State University & Mariah Ehmke, University of Wyoming

Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards

  • Tianli Zhao, Cornell University, "Economic Modeling of Point-to-Point Source Water Quality Trading in the Upper Passaic Watershed Accounting for Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Jed Cohen, Virginia Tech, “The Effect of Mountain Pine Beetle Induced Tree Mortality on Home Values in the Colorado Front Range"
  • Amy Hilland, University of Idaho, “Implications of the Yuan-Dollar Exchange Rate and Commodity Trade between China, the United States, and Competitors"

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Benjamin Collier, University of Kentucky, “Financial Inclusion and Natural Disasters”
  • Jeffrey Luckstead, Washington State University,“Essays in Policy Analysis: Strategic Trade Theory and the Elimination of Agricultural Subsidies”

    Honorable Mention
  • Jude Bayham, Washington State University,“Characterizing Incentives: An Investigation of Wildfire Response and Environmental Entry Policy”
  • William Allender, Arizona State University, “Demand for Variety Under Costly Consumer Search: A Multi-Discrete / Continuous Approach”

Distinguished Teaching Awards

  • Less than Ten Years’ Experience: Brian Briggeman, Kansas State University
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience:Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University
  • Graduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience: Richard E. Just, University of Maryland

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Awards

  • Individual: Less than Ten Years’ Experience: Chad Hart, Iowa State University
  • Individual: Ten or More Years’ Experience: Joan Fulton, Purdue University
  • Group: “farmdocDaily” program of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Purdue, Scott Irwin, Mark Althouse, Ryan Batts, Jonathan Coppess, Paul Ellinger, A. Bryan Endres, Darrel Good, Chris Hurt (Purdue University), Marc Lovell, John Newton, Nick Paulson, Paul Peterson, Dwight Raab, Gary Schnitkey, Bruce Sherrick, Hongxia Jiao, and Carl Zalauf (Ohio State University)

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

  • Keith Fuglie, USDA-Economic Research Service

Quality of Communication Award

  • Michael Adjemian; USDA-Economic Research Service, Philip Garcia; University of Illinois, Scott Irwin; University of Illinois, and Aaron Smith, University of California-Davis, “Non-Convergence in Agricultural Markets Series,” Amber Waves, 2013.
  • David R. Just, Cornell University,“Introduction to Behavioral Economics: Noneconomic Factors that Shape Economic Decisions,” Wiley and Sons, 2013.

    Honorable Mention
  • Parke Wilde, Tufts University,“Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction,” Routledge, 2013.

Quality of Research Discovery Award

  • Marc Bellemare; University of Minnesota, Christopher Barrett; Cornell University, and David Just; Cornell University, “The Welfare Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia,” AJAE (2013) 95(4):877-899.

Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • Wikor L. Adamowicz; University of Alberta and Joffre D. Swait, “Are food choices really habitual? Integrating habits, variety-seeking, and compensatory choice in a utility-maximizing framework,” AJAE (2013) 95(1):17-41.

Outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy Article Award

  • Matthew S. Clancy; Iowa State University and GianCarlo Moschini; Iowa State University, "Incentives for Innovation: Patents, Prizes, and Research Contracts,” AEPP (2013) 35(2): 206-241.

Outstanding Choices Article Award

  • John Antle; Oregon State University and Laurie Houston; Oregon State University,“A Regional Look at the Distribution of Farm Program Payments and How It May Change with a New Farm Bill,” Choices (2013) 28 (4th Quarter).

    Honorable Mention
  • Derrell Peel; Oklahoma State University, Damona Doye; Oklahoma State University, and Mary Ahearn
    Drivers of Agricultural Transition,” Choices (2013) 28 (2nd Quarter).

Publication of Enduring Quality Award

  • William Masters and Margaret S. McMillan, Tufts University, "Climate and Scale in Economic Growth", Journal of Economic Growth, 2001.

AAEA Trust Scholarship Awards

Anthony Grano Scholarship

  • Amy Hasenoehrl, Montana State University

Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship

  • Brooke Krause, University of Minnesota
  • Kateryna Goychuk Schroeder, FAPRI

Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship

  • Eugenie Maiga, Université de Koudougou

Chester O. McCorkle, Jr. Student Scholarship

  • Jonathan McFadden, Iowa State University

Luther G. Tweeten Scholarship

  • Aine Sietz McCarthy, Montana State University

AARES-AAEA Young Professional Exchange Program

  • David Ubilava, University of Sydney (Heading North Award)
  • Mykel R. Taylor, Kansas State University (Heading South Award)

LI-LMI Travel Grants

  • Opeyemi Ayinde, University of Ilorin
  • Alaba Modupe Dare, Federal University of Agriculture
  • Taiwo Ejiola Mafimisebi, Mulungushi University
  • Assa Maganga, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Sendhil Ramadas, Directorate of Wheat Research
  • Rajib Sutradhar, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Competitions

Graduate Student Case Study Competition

  • First Place: Kansas State University: Michelle Estes, Emily Mollohan, Steven Ramsey
    Advisor: Aleksan Shanoyan
  • Second Place: Purdue University & Uniersity of Georgia: Luis Moise Pena-Levano, Grace Melo
    Advisors: Gerald Shively and Michael Wetzstein
  • Third Place: Colorado State University: Jada Thompson, Misti Sharp, Anders Van Sandt
    Advisor: Joleen Hadrich

Graduate Student Extension Competition

  • First Place: Melissa McKendree, Kansas State University
    Mentor: Glynn Tonsor
  • Second Place: Michelle Kibler, Colorado State University
    Mentor: Dustin Pendell
  • Third Place: Alexandra Wright, University of Georgia
    Mentor: Cesar Escalante and Joshua Berning

Undergraduate Student Paper Competition

  • First Place: Triston Hanon, Washington State University, “The New Normal: An Analysis of the US Renewable Fuel Standard”
  • Second Place: Angela Hamann, University of Illinois, “Willingness-to-Pay for Cleaning Products with Environmentally-Friendly Claims”
  • Third Place: Jacob Stapp, Iowa State University,“Unraveling the Walmart Effect: Labor Market Impacts in Rural and Urban Countries”

Academic Bowl Awards

  • First Place: Purdue University: Andrew Johnson, Sam Ebenkamp, Josh Miller
    Advisors: Michael Gunderson and John Lai
    (Other team members: Elizabeth Blinn, Kaitlyn Winters, Austin Gantzert, and Daniel Gongwer)
  • Second Place: South Dakota State University:Tyler Holmquist, Kendra Voegele, Nathaniel Brodkorb
    Advisor: Timothy Meyer
    (Other team members: Bronc McMurty, Shelby Hogue, and Alex Wagner)
  • Third Place: University of Florida:Nury Dominguez, Keri Cornman, Sean Posey
    Advisors: Lisa House and Maria Bampasidou
    (Other team members: Caleb Gilmer, Deneb Martinez, and Max Saladino)

Outstanding Chapter & Creative Club Awards

  • Iowa State University, Advisor: Georgeanne Artz