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2009 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Presidential Recognition Award for Special Service to the Association

  • Dave Baumann, Executive Director, Inc.

Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards

  • Uthra Raghunathan, University of Georgia; Evaluating the Performance of Microfinance Systems: A Bayesian Efficiency Analysis of Lenders and Their Borrowers; Thesis advisor: Cesar Escalante
  • Honorable Mention: Joel Cuffey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; The Link between Food Security and Health among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Delhi, India; Thesis advisor: Paul E. McNamara
  • Honorable Mention: Jeff Luckstead, University of Idaho; The Effects of Immigration, Farm, and Trade Policies and the Macroeconomic Conditions on Illegal Immigration and Agricultural Trade; Thesis advisor: Stephen Devadoss

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Kristiana M. Hansen, University of California, Davis; Three Essays on Contractual Mechanisms to Manage Water Supply Risk in the Western United States; Thesis advisors: Richard Howitt and Jeffrey Williams
  • Honorable Mention: Jenny Aker, University of California, Berkeley; Three Essays on Markets and Welfare in Sub-Saharan Africa; Thesis advisor: Maximillan Auffhammer
  • Honorable Mention: Benjamin M. Gramig, Michigan State University; Essays on the Economics of Livestock Disease Management: On-Farm Biosecurity Adoption, Asymmetric Information in Policy Design, and Decentralized Bioeconomic Dynamics; Thesis advisor: Richard Horan
  • Honorable Mention: Mariano J. Rabassa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ambient Air Pollution and the Allocation of Environmental Enforcement Effort; Thesis advisor: Nicholas Brozović

Distinguished Teaching Awards

  • Less Than Ten Years' Experience: James A. Sterns, University of Florida
  • Undergraduate Teaching, Ten or More Years' Experience: Michael A. Boland, Kansas State University
  • Graduate Teaching, Ten or More Years' Experience: Kenneth A. Foster, Purdue University

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Awards

  • Individual, Less Than Ten Years' Experience: Laura T. Kalambokidis, University of Minnesota
  • Individual, Ten or More Years' Experience: Clark F. Seavert, Oregon State University
  • Group: Joan R. Fulton and Maria I. Marshall, Purdue University; Agricultural Innovation and Commercialization Center, New Ventures Team

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis

  • Bruce A. McCarl, Texas A&M University

Quality of Communication Award

  • Philip C. Abbott, Christopher A. Hurt, and Wallace E. Tyner, Purdue University; Farm Foundation Issue Report: What’s Driving Food Prices? July 2008

Quality of Research Discovery Award

  • Alan L. Olmstead, University of California, Davis and Paul W. Rhode, University of Arizona; Creating Abundance: Biological Innovation and American Agricultural Development. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • Chad D. Meyerhoefer, U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Yuriy Pylypchuk, Social and Scientific Systems; "Does Participation in the Food Stamp Program Increase the Prevalence of Obesity and Health Care Spending?" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90, no. 2 (May 2008): 287–305
  • Honorable Mention: Harry de Gorter, David R. Just, and Jaclyn D. Kropp, Cornell University; "Cross-subsidization Due to Infra-marginal Support in Agriculture: A General Theory and Empirical Evidence." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90, no. 1 (February 2008): 42–54

Outstanding Review of Agricultural Economics Article Award

  • Guillaume P. Gruère and Mark W. Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute; "Assessing the Implementation Effects of the Biosafety Protocol’s Proposed Stringent Information Requirements for Genetically Modified Commodities in Countries of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation." Review of Agricultural Economics 30, no. 2 (Summer 2008): 214–242

Outstanding Choices Article Award

  • Bruce A. McCarl, Texas A&M University and Steven K. Rose, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; "Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Stabilization and the Inevitability of Adaptation: Challenges for U.S. Agriculture." Choices 23, no. 1 (First Quarter 2008): 15–18

Publication of Enduring Quality Award

  • Michael Hanemann, University of California, Berkeley; John B. Loomis, Colorado State University; and Barbara Kanninen, Stratus Consulting; "Statistical Efficiency of Double-bounded Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 73, no. 4 (November 1991): 1255–1263

Chester O. McCorkle, Jr. Student Scholarship

  • Feng Song, Michigan State University

AAEA/AARES Young Professionals Exchange Program—Heading North Award Winners

  • Mary Ann Franco-Dixon, Queensland Primary Industries & Fisheries


  • Michael Carter
  • John M. Connor
  • Matthew T. Holt
  • Richard Howitt
  • Jason F. Shogren
  • Laurian Unnevehr

Outstanding Poster Presentation

  • First Place: Andrea Woolverton and James Kiawu, USDA-Economic Research Service; Policy Responses to High Food Prices in Developing Countries: Domestic Agendas and Global Implications
  • Second Place: Jeremy Foltz and Bradford Barham, University of Wisconsin at Madison; The Productivity Effects of Extension Appointments in Land Grant Colleges
  • Third Place: Steve Holland, Luther College; Organic Farming without Certification: A Game Theoretic Approach

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Competitions

Graduate Student Case Study Competition

  • First Place: University of Arkansas—Brandon McFadden, Katherine McGraw, and Sandra Popova
  • Second Place: University of Alberta— Greg Bott, Zoia Komirenko, and Dawn Trautman-Laslop
  • Third Place: University of Georgia—J. Wesley Burnett, Ruohong Cai, and Myra Clarisse Ferrer

Graduate Student Extension Competition

  • First Place: Anna Flaig, Purdue University
  • Second Place: Sonja Perakis, Michigan State University
  • Third Place: Daniel Sanders, The Ohio State University

Outstanding Undergraduate Paper Awards

  • First Place: Samuel F. Clark, Purdue University; Profitability of Transitioning to Organic Grain Crops in Indiana
  • Second Place: Ashley Jones, University of Arkansas; Developing Enterprise Budgets for Sustainable School Gardens: Service Learning in a Global Context
  • Third Place: Stephanie Horton, California State University at Chico; Economic Analysis of High/Low Grain Supplementation in Pasture-based Organic Dairy Cows

Academic Bowl Awards

  • First Place: University of Florida—Kristin Kovalsky, John Lai, and Stephen Morgan
  • Second Place: Texas A&M University—Matt Okeson, Kelly Pritchett, and Kacey VanDeaver
  • Third Place: University of Florida—Lisa Hibbard, Felipe Martinez, and Alexis Nemati

Outstanding Chapter Award

  • Iowa State University: William Edwards and Ron Deiter, advisors

Creative Club Award

  • Iowa State University, William Edwards and Ron Deiter, advisors