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2002 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Master's Thesis

  • KATHLEEN R. MULLEN, "The Risk Reduction Effects of U.S. Direct Government Payments on Production and Welfare," Cornell University, Harry de Gorter, Advisor
  • DOMINIC P. PARKER, "The Effects of Contracting Costs, Bureaucratic Costs, and Constituencies on State Wildlife Agency Budgets," Montana State University, Dean Lueck, Advisor
  • CHOKRI DRIDI, "Essay on Water Allocation and Trading: Technology Adoption and Adverse Selection," University of Illinois-Champaign, Madhu Khanna, Advisor

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation

  • MARTIN DANIEL SMITH, "Spatial Behavior, Marine Reserves and the Northern California Red Sea Urchin Fishery," University of California-Davis, Jim Wilen, Advisor

Honorable Mention

  • RAFIC H. FAHS,"Semiparametric Estimation and Inference in Multinomial Choice and Systems of Censored Demand Equation models with Application to Estimating Demand Systems." Washington State University, Ron Mittelhammer, Advisor
  • DMITRY V. VEDENOV,"Essays in Agriculture Finance and Risk Management," The Ohio State University, Mario Miranda, Advisor

Distinguished Teaching

Less Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Cynda Clary, New Mexico State University

Undergraduate Teaching, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Ronald Deiter, Iowa State University

Graduate Teaching Award, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Allen M. Featherstone, Kansas State University

Distinguished Extension Program


  • ROBERT N. WISNER, Iowa State University



Distinguished Policy Contribution

  • PER PINSTRUP-ANDERSEN, RAJUL PANDYA-LORCH, and MARK ROSEGRANT, International Food Policy Research Institute

Quality of Communications

  • JOHN M. CONNOR, Purdue University, Global Price Fixing: Our Customers are the Enemy, Kluwer Academic Publishers

Quality of Research Discovery

  • JUNJIE WU, Oregon State University, DAVID ZILBERMAN, University of California Berkeley, and BRUCE A. BABCOCK, Iowa State University, "Environmental and Distributional Impacts of Conservation Targeting Strategies." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 41 (May): 333-350.

Honorable Mention

  • RICHARD E. JUST, University of Maryland and RULON D. POPE, Brigham Young Univ., " The Agricultural Producer: Theory and Statistical Measurement." Handbook of Agricultural Economics, Volume 1, Edited by B. Gardner and G. Rausser. Elsevier Science B.V., 2001

Outstanding Journal Article: AJAE

  • SUBAL C. KUMBHAKAR, University of Texas, Austin. "Estimation of Profit Functions When Profit Is Not Maximum." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 83 (February): 1-19.

Outstanding Journal Article: RAE

  • BEN SENAUER and MONA SUR. "Ending Global Hunger in the 21st Century: Projections of the Number of Food Insecure People." Review of Agricultural Economics 23 (Spring/Summer 2001): 68-81.

Outstanding CHOICES Article

  • WILLIAM A.KNUDSON, Agriculture and Higher Education Policy Advisor for the Michigan Senate Majority Policy Office and an adjunct instructor of Agricultural Economics at Michigan State University, "Public Research Universities and the Private Sector: Engine of Economic Growth or Captive of Special Interests," Choices (Second Quarter, 2001): 31-35.

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • JEAN-PAUL CHAVAS, University of Wisconsin, and MATTHEW T. HOLT, North Carolina State University, "Acreage Decisions under Risk: The Case of Corn and Soybeans." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 72(August 1990): 529-38.


  • John Antle
  • Michael Boehlje
  • Steven T. Buccola
  • J.B. Penn
  • V. Kerry Smith
  • Brian D. Wright

Graduate Student Case Competition

1st Place - Colorado State University

  • Kamina Rosentiel
  • Marcia Bugbee
  • Megan Bruch

2nd Place - Texas Tech University

  • Jose Lopez
  • Jason Blackshear

3rd Place - New Mexico State University

  • Jeremy Kohler
  • Kristy Langley
  • Vonda Teel

Outstanding Student Papers Awards

1st Place

  • MICHELLE SPENCE, "The Effect of Age on the Probability of Participation in Wildlife-Related Activities: A Birth Year Cohort Study"

2nd Place

  • SHANE ELLIS, "Factors Affecting Breeding Bull Prices: A Case Study of the UBIA bull performance test and sale"

3rd Place

  • CHANTELLE L'HOIR, "Preferences About Marketing Organic Grain in Alberta"

Poster Session Awards

1st Place

  • GARY KENNEDY, PHIL HAMILTON, O.J. NWOHA and KENNETH REA, Louisiana Tech University, "Plugging Rural America into E-commerce Technologies"

2nd Place

  • MARY MUTH, SHAWN A. KARNS and DONALD W. ANDERSON, RTI, and MICHAEL WOHLGENANT, North Carolina State University, "Factors Affecting Plant Exit from the Meat Slaughter, Poultry Slaughter, and Processing Industries: Comparisons Across Industries"

3rd Place

  • SENHUI HE and JEFFREY L. JORDAN, University of Georgia, "Derivation of a Proxy for the Economic Value of Bottle Size: an Issue in the Economic Valuation of Bottled Water Consumption as an Averting Means"