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2001 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Master's Thesis

  • KEELY STARRH MARTIN, “Two-Stage Estimation of Import Demand: Analysis of Selected U.S. Apple Export Markets,” Cornell University, David Lee, Advisor.
  • CHRISTINA L. WELCH STAIR, “An Economic Analysis of Alternative Methods of Corn Rootworm Control: Soil Insecticides, Areawide Pest Management, and Transgenics,” Purdue University, Marshall Martin, Advisor.
  • RODRIGO DE SOUSA HERNANDEZ, “Guaymango, El Salvador: Agronomic and Economic Modeling of Soil Conservation and Agricultural Productivity in Relay Cropping System,” University of California, Davis, Richard Howitt, Advisor.

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation

  • JOHN MICHAEL CRESPI, “Generic Commodity Promotion and Product Differentiation,” University of California, Davis, Richard Sexton, Advisor.
  • MICHAEL JAMES ROBERTS, “Hotelling Reconsidered: The Implications of Asset Pricing Theory on Natural Resource Price Trends,” University of California, Berkeley, Peter Berck, Advisor.

Honorable Mention

  • STAVROULA MALLA, “Searching for Genes: Public and Private Spillovers in Agricultural Research,” University of Saskatchewan, Richard Gray, Advisor.
  • SILVIA SECCHI, “Economic Issues in Resistance Management,” Iowa State University, Bruce Babcock, Advisor.
  • YOSHITO TAKASAKI, “The Microdynamics of Conservation and Development in Tropical Forests,” University of Wisconsin, Bradford L. Braham, Advisor.

Distinguished Teaching

Less Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Michael A. Boland, Kansas State University

Undergraduate Teaching, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Jay T. Akridge, Purdue University

Graduate Teaching Award, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Ron Mittelhammer, Washington State University

Distinguished Extension Program


  • GERALD A. DOEKSEN, Oklahoma State University.
  • G. ART BARNABY, JR., Kansas State University.


  • H. DOUGLAS JOSE, University of Nebraska, KEVIN KLAIR, University of Minnesota, JON NEWKIRK, Washington State University, JAMES L. NOVAK, Auburn University, KENNETH W. STOKES, Texas A&M University and
  • H. DON TILMON, University of Delaware, Extension Risk Management Education Coordinating Team.

Distinguished Policy Contribution

  • JULIAN M. ALSTON, University of California, Davis and PHILIP G. PARDEY, International Food Policy Research Institute.

Quality of Communications

  • RICHARD A. LEVINS, University of Minnesota, Willard Cochrane and the American Family Farm, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

Quality of Research Discovery

  • GORDON C. RAUSSER, University of California, Berkeley and ARTHUR A. SMALL, Columbia University, “Valuing Research Leads: Bioprospecting and the Conservation of Genetic Resources,” Journal of Political Economy 108 (1): 173–206.

Honorable Mention

  • ROBERT G. CHAMBERS, University of Maryland and JOHN C. QUIGGIN, Australian National University, Uncertainty, Production, Choice, and Agency: The State-Contingent Approach, Cambridge University Press.
  • DANIEL J. PHANEUF, North Carolina State University, CATHERINE L. KLING, Iowa State University, and
  • JOSEPH A. HERRIGES, Iowa State University, “Estimation and Welfare Calculations in a Generalized Corner Solution Model with an Application to Recreation Demand,” The Review of Economics and Statistics 82 (February): 83–92.

Outstanding Journal Article: AJAE

  • DAVID SUNDING, University of California, Berkeley and JOSHUA ZIVIN, Columbia University, “Insect Population Dynamics, Pesticide Use, and Farmworker Health,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 82 (August 2000): 527-540.

Honorable Mention

  • NIGEL KEY, USDA ERS, ELISABETH SADOULET, University of California, Berkeley and ALAIN DE JANVRY, University of California, Berkeley, “Transaction Costs and Agricultural Household Supply Response,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 82 (May 2000): 245-259.

Outstanding Journal Article: RAE

  • PETER J. BARRY, University of Illinois, LEEANN M. MOSS, The Ohio State University, NARDA L. SOTOMAYOR, University of Illinois and CESAR L. ESCALANTE, University of Georgia, “Lease Pricing for Farm Real Estate,” Review of Agricultural Economics 22 (Spring-Summer 2000): 2-16.

Outstanding CHOICES Article

  • MATTHEW P. FELDMANN, Northwestern University, MICHAEL L. MORRIS, CIMMYT (Mexico City) and DAVID HOISINGTON, CIMMYT (Mexico City), “Genetically Modified Organisms: Why All the Controversy?,” CHOICES (First Quarter, 2000): 8-12.

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • MICHAEL K. WOHLGENANT, North Carolina State University, “Demand for Farm Output in a Complete System of Demand Functions,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 71 (May 1989): 241-252.


  • Richard M. Adams
  • Richard C. Bishop
  • Kenneth E. McConnell
  • C. Richard Shumway
  • James E. Wilen
  • Michael K. Wohlgenant

Graduate Student Case Competition

  • 1st Place - Kansas State University
    • Bill Golden
    • Jeri Stroade
    • Erika Lehman
  • 2nd Place - University of Florida
  • 3rd Place - Colorado State University